Tsuka-Ito Testing

All of us have been very busy with other projects, but i’ve been squeezing some C:SI stuff in-between. I have been messing with some new techniques for making Ito. One of the most common and reconizeable patterns is the center twist, i’ve been expiermenting with better ways of achieving that effect with a limited use of prims. It’s fairly simple to do when using 2 or more prims for each loop, but I wanted to do an entire segment with 1 prim.

I have been messing with modeling the twist in with varied results since i’m handicapped by Maya’s NURB restriction. Right now i’m testing putting the twist in the texture, similar to what Robby did on the Kodachi.


Here and There

Myself and the rest of the C:SI dev group have been holding off on making any official announcement about the current status of the system, simply to avoid spreading false promises. There are several sections on the HUD currently listed as ‘Under Development’ which have been there for…. some time. Some of these features are infact in development, and some are not.

I am sure there are many of you curious about an explination for this. There has been alot of speculation about wether or not we are still around and paying attention to C:SI, simply because of a percieved lack of communication between the team and the community. I find this kind of odd, since myself and other members of the Dev Team share a workspace together, and are online pretty much every other day.

Regardless, there are many reasons for the lack of system updates. Without devling too deep in these issues, the main factor is a corner that we have developed ourselves into. C:SI has a Group Dynamic which relies on every member being avaible to handle the specific updates to thier weapon line, before a major update can be deployed. Excluding myself, C:SI has 4 Dev Team members, plus KatanaBlade who handles Logistics. If one member is not avilable to update his weapons, then a system update would break all of his weapons and they would no longer be useable with the system. We will not do this for several reasons, including that this would be extremely unfair to people who purchased those swords with the expectation of using them in the system. They would still function and I imagine the CCS/DCS damage would still work, but they would no longer do C:SI damage. This is an unacceptable outcome.

A system like that asks alot of it’s members, and all of the Dev Team has lives outside of SL. Some demand more than others and it comes down to whats more important, I will speak from expirence in saying that SL takes a back seat.

So what do we do about this? Well, what we are currently working on (yes, currently, as in right now) is a way to make updates to the Core System without having to update individual swords. Therefore, regardless of who is around to update thier weapons, it wont affect System Updates. Our first and foremost priority is to fix a number of glaring bugs that have popped up in the system over the course of the past year, and after that we have a large list of features we all want to see in the system. Many of us see C:SI as a template that can be expanded much, much father. We have every intention of delivering, however I will not speculate on a timeframe or specific features for the aforementioned reason of avoiding false promises.

Aside from that, Ayame is currently working on a set of several swords(non-katana’s) which she plans to release all at once, which will have some interesting added features that I think many people will both enjoy and… equally bitch about. But we love you!

p.s you know who you are, I like the wave so eat me

Katana Blade – Finished!

Click the image to jump to the big verison

Finished the blade for the new sword today. It’s usually something I do last but I wanted to start fresh with this Katana, so I made a completely new blade from scratch. As mentioned in a previous post, the blade is one piece and all the details are modeled in, such as the Tang and Blood Groove. The tip is also modeled correctly rather than pinching the points together and using the texture solely for detail.

I know it’s probably silly to put as much work as I did into the Tang being you’ll never see it, but i’m a weirdo and I like to do detail like that. Might as well when you can do it all with one piece.

Combat: Drama Island

I thought I would just share my personal thoughts here on this recent “C:SI 2″ fiasco.

It’s no secret that many members of the community are frustrated with a lack of updates in the system. The Dev  team is just as frustrated. The one thing I want to avoid is making empty promises, however, for the first time in a long time things have been moving forward recently and we are pushing closer and closer to being able to make a system update. There will be a time for new features, but our first priority will be fixing several glaring bugs, such as the Blocking and Kick issues.

Born from this frustration are people like the ones behind this whole C:SI 2 ordeal. The last thing I want to do is discourage people who are actively trying to do all that they can to make the community a better place. However, then there are people who simply want attention, to create _drama_ which everyone hates. There’s been alot of this lately in the community. Possibly from a percieved lack of communication between the members of the Dev team and that of the community, alot of people are in the dark. I hope to bridge some of the gaps here with this blog of mine.

Already I have recieved numerous IM’s from C:SI players asking about this notecard. One thing is for sure, all of us are angry that these people felt in necessary to spready these notecards around with talking with us first, and then going and acting like they had in thier note.

There will be an official announcement down the road, however, all of us care deeply about the system, and it’s not going anywhere. Stick it out for awhile longer, once the bug fixes start coming there will be plenty of new features to go around.

New C:SI Katana – First WIP Shots

Today I begun work on a new katana. I have made other swords in the past, however this will be my first C:SI Katana.

-Blade; I created an entirely new blade for this project, going alot farther into detail than I have in previous projects. The Blood Groove is fully modeled into the design, as is the tip. No texture trick here. The blade also has a fully made tang. This is the piece that secures the blade to the tsuka with Bamboo pins. This part usually isn’t made because you’re never going to see it. It’s unpolished and usualy filed down, this is also where the bladesmiths’ signature is.

-Tsuba;  This part still isn’t finalized. I have a theme that i’m going for, but i’m still not sure if i’m going to be happy with it, so it could wind up changing drastically later down the road.