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C:SI – Chinese Dao Sword III

C:SI – Chinese Dao Sword II

Progress update.

C:SI – Chinese Dao Sword

Preliminary stages.

Katana Part VII

Minor tweaks, beauty shot. I keep going back and forth between the Battle Style tsuka maki and the more common design.

Katana Part V

Finished the Menuki. I changed the Ito to a Katate Maki Battle Style wrap. Still haven’t named this sword, which is unusual since I typically do that early on.

Katana Part IV

Menuki WIP.

Katana Part III

More Progress.

Tsuka Ito Part 2

Well, after more tinkering here’s what I came up with.

Tsuka-Ito Testing

All of us have been very busy with other projects, but i’ve been squeezing some C:SI stuff in-between. I have been messing with some new techniques for making Ito. One of the most common and reconizeable patterns is the center twist, i’ve been expiermenting with better ways of achieving that effect [...]

Katana Blade – Finished!

Click the image to jump to the big verison

Finished the blade for the new sword today. It’s usually something I do last but I wanted to start fresh with this Katana, so I made a completely new blade from scratch. As mentioned in a previous post, the blade is one piece and all the details [...]