C:SI – Chinese Dao Sword III

C:SI – Chinese Dao Sword II

Progress update.

C:SI – Chinese Dao Sword

Preliminary stages.

Old Stuff – Ring Tanto

I made this awhile ago but never ended up doing anything with it since I couldn’t find a use for it. It wouldn’t really be practical as a C:SI weapon…. Tanto vs Nagi? Hilarity ensues.

Non C:SI – Beam Katana – Update 2

Something i’ve been working on, on and off inbetween other projects. Don’t worry it wont be a C:SI weapon.

Katana Part VII

Minor tweaks, beauty shot. I keep going back and forth between the Battle Style tsuka maki and the more common design.

Katana Part V

Finished the Menuki. I changed the Ito to a Katate Maki Battle Style wrap. Still haven’t named this sword, which is unusual since I typically do that early on.

Katana Part IV

Menuki WIP.

Katana Part III

More Progress.

Tsuka Ito Part 2

Well, after more tinkering here’s what I came up with.