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New C:SI Weapons - Demon's Wings & Wind Staff
We have two recent releases from Ayame as part of her 'Musashi Legends' series.

The first is her Demon's Wings Katana, standard for C:SI katana's apply in terms of combat abilities, while the sword itself boasts a striking design that far seperates it from the kind of weapons we've had so far.

The second, just released a few days ago, is the Wind Staff, which brings an entirely new element to combat we've not had before.

This staff boasts a massive 30 animations, with 18 striking attacks, 6 kicks, and Special. That's 6 seperate attack animations per W A and S keys, as opposed to the typical 3 per key.

The staff also has the ability to change the color of the detailing, and among other features has the option of disabling the special, a feature which has been a favourite on Robby's katana.

Haruko Fukai on Monday 14 June 2010 - 17:52:36
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