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New Blade Release: Musashi Dynasty Flame Katana

Released by Musashi Blades
The Dynasty Flame Katana beautifully utilizes sculpted prims for the blade, sheath, and throughout the other fine details.
It's a high detail sword that makes use new two-handed animations, and multiple textures for the sheath prim.
Aya spent special attention so it would look more like an authentic katana, she put quite abit of effort into making the blade espcially.
The special attack is a brand new one as well.

It's currently being sold for 800l and can be found in Samurai Island and other locations Musashi blades are sold.

Oh yeah, here is a picture of Ayame wearing it on her back. *hides from Aya*

Hope you all enjoy new blades Ayame made! They are pretty cool.
-Esprite Xavier
Esprite Xavier on Sunday 18 November 2007 - 17:04:24
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Windlight is prudy... oh and stuff about the HUD...
Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been sick with the flu..still am..and this week one of my portfolios was due. *cries*
To make up for it here is stupidly high rez SL screenshot made with then new Windlight Viewer

I'm sure there will be many many Torley Linden inspired pictures using the windlight firstlook viewer... but here is one anyways! Windlight makes everything purdy..

Oh, we've been getting some reports about the HUD being laggy or showing hp left over when someone dies! :o
The new HUD is having a problem not zeroing after you die, it kinda locks up at the last place it was before it would update you as being dead....
We'll be addressing that in the next patch to the HUD. Additionally, we will also be re-adding the set text numbers that were removed in this last update.
Thanks for those letting us know about this bug!

Esprite Xavier
HP: -20/100
SP: 0/100
Ailments: Plague, Confusion
Esprite Xavier on Thursday 15 November 2007 - 00:18:22
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Reported to the Shoguns?
Lately I've been getting some... colorful IMs from people who haven't received updates or responses to IMs about that.
Which is odd, cause I could sworn I saw them as being listed as receiving an update and/or sent them a reply.
I even got one that threatened to report me to the Shoguns for not responding to their inquiries.

Generally I've discovered many of these people have me or a group I'm in muted for one reason or another. (more than likely to not be bothered by update server messages)

Remember, having me or other developers muted means it's 100% likely your not going to get updates or items you buy from us. So if your experiencing such problems check your mute list.

Esprite Xavier on Wednesday 07 November 2007 - 19:42:12
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C:SI Shop in Nagasaki Bakumatsu
The C:SI developers had previously setup shop in our first japanese sim Nagasaki Bakumatsu. Bakumatsu's sim owner Ryoma Sautereau was recently kind enough to give us a C:SI themed Noren and Kanban for our store there. ^^

Both of which are pretty nice. I think the Kanban in particular will be useful to the native Japanese avatars learning how to use our weapons.
Thanks Ryoma from the dev team!

There are already several dueling and RP areas created by international users. I'll enjoy seeing more international users as well.
Esprite Xavier on Sunday 04 November 2007 - 21:43:17
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Combat Samurai Island 1.5.2 Patch
We had to patch the day after the 1.5 update because of a bug found in the dueling system. This bug has now been fixed sorry about the new updates so soon.
Esprite Xavier on Friday 02 November 2007 - 12:45:43
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Samurai Island Combat System - Patch v1.5
With the launch of the site comes the new update for the C:SI weapons! It may take abit to update, let us know if you see any problems!


- Dueling System: Now you may challenge someone using our new dueling system. On the duel being accepted, both combatants will only be able to cause/receive damage to each other until the end of the duel. A duel ends when a combatant is defeated, a combatant sheathes their weapon and forfeits, or the combatants go out of range of each other.

- Redesigned HUD: The new C:SI HUD integrates the old main HUD and inventory into a single more compact and easy to use HUD. Clicking different buttons on the circle menu will bring up different windows. Clicking the Duel button will activate the targetting system which will allow to you easily select a target to challenge to a duel (must have weapon unsheathed). Also under the Options menu you can register for an account on our new website, this is the only way to register.

- Practice Mode: There is now an option in the weapon customization that allows you to place your weapon into practice mode. While in practice mode your attacks WILL NOT cause damage to your opponents, however you will still receive damage from someone who is not in practice mode. Once set, a weapon will stay in practice mode until set back, practice mode persists between detaching/attaching your weapon.


- Special Attacks are now performed by holding down the mouse and tapping the jump button TWICE. This is very useful in preventing accidental specials.


- Blocking/Stuns have once again been modified to be more responsive and should reduce the occurance of hit effects occuring on a block or block effects occuring on a hit

Bug Fixes:

- Further modifications have been made to blocking and stuns that should completely prevent the occurance of block effects occuring on a hit

- An issue with the security in all weapons that would cause them to sometimes break when the grid was unstable has been addressed


- We now include a C:SI Status Tag which allows you to mark yourself as RPing or OOC and shows others when you are in a duel
Esprite Xavier on Monday 29 October 2007 - 20:01:37
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Welcome to the New Website!
You can now search for scores by name or sim, as well as sort by name. Scoring is now modular and we'll be adding more stats to it in the near future.
Remember to register you'll need to do it through an updated C:SI hud you can get when unpacking the latest version of C:SI weapons.
Esprite Xavier on Sunday 28 October 2007 - 20:36:20
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