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The Final Stand 3v3 Clan Tournament in Samurai Edo
The Final Stand is having their tournament in Edo tomorrow and they'll asked to put their invitation on the site!

You're invited to watch as 6 teams each from a different clan battle for honor, glory and a winner-takes-all cash prize of 8000L. May the best team win.

Special thanks to:
The C:SI devs for creating the combat system, hosting the tourney in Samurai Edo and generously increased the original pot 2500L to 8000k
BareRose for donating 3 men's and 3 women's outfits for the winning team,
Everyone from The Final Stand and other C:SI clans who helped to organize the tournament,
The judges and all of the participating teams without whom this 3v3 would not be happening.

When: Saturday 3/8, Sunday 3/9, Saturday 3/15, Sunday 3/16 and the championship on Saturday 3/22 at 3pm.

Where: Samurai Edo behind the arena.

Note to spectators: Please remove all gadgets (including weapons) and any high prim accessories before you TP into Edo.
-Event Organizers

Esprite Xavier on Friday 07 March 2008 - 17:48:38
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Musashi Blades Assassination Tanto
Some of you have been asking about Ayame's new Assassination Tanto, though its not a C:SI compatible item it's sure alot of fun.

You can pick one up at the Musashi Blades location in Hoshikuzu!
(will soon be in Samurai Island as well.)
Esprite Xavier on Monday 03 March 2008 - 23:45:54
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Music streams back up again! & New Videos in the Gallery
Just wanted to let you all know that Nexeus Fatale has gotten the streaming music servers back up and running on all the Samurai Island sims. I know some of you have been asking where the stream has gone, and with some delay it has now returned! Thanks Nexeus!

We also have new videos that have been submitted to our gallery by Aimee . There is also some videos of a tournament that was held in Nagasaki Bakumatsu (a japanese sim) that Robby added!

Hope you all enjoy the stream and new video additions!


Esprite Xavier on Monday 25 February 2008 - 23:29:44
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Clan information needs updating! Please send your clan key.
Hi Everyone! This message is especially for those our current clan leaders.

Basically we're beginning to go into higher level database clan associated management tools. However we need something from all the clan leaders!
That thing is your clan ID. Its like the key of your clan.

Where do you get this? Well the easy way is to use the new search it just lists the link at the bottom that has your clan ID in it.

Please note I need this if you wish the remain an active clan.
Someone needs to send it to me, anyone can. (The reason I'm not looking it up is because some of the clans have switched the particulars of their group name or something, so us just checking it out causes mistakes..)

Also I'm requesting that active C:SI clans have their members listed when viewed in search(no, I don't need a list of your members in the notecard btw for those confused.). Robby has already made an blog entry on the how and why!

Please send a notecard with the key/link to Esprite Xavier!

Esprite Xavier on Tuesday 05 February 2008 - 22:27:02
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Havok 4 Testing in Edo - Edit w/ bug fix
Edit: Whoops spoke too soon, Arch found a bug in the email for the registration. (It was converting characters to symbols for some reason for some peoples emails!)

From Arch " An issue that was causing registration to fail for some people has been taken care of. It seems some email clients/browsers were converting part of the registration link into a symbol, fancy that :P Anyway, if you've tried to register before and it failed, it should now work properly. Sorry about that, have a great day ^^"


Hello Everyone,
Today I logged in to find that Samurai Edo has been converted over to Havok4, for the early adopter program.
It's important that everyone lets Linden Lab know about bugs you see in the new physics engine, because if no one reports it, usually bugs go unnoticed! C:SI users after all are probably some of the most experienced at maneuvering their avatars to the limits of the original physics engine with high accuracy, as someone put it "I never have had so many people wanting to jump on my head before!". I'm sure many of you have already been testing with Havok 4 already have experienced strange bugs and quirks with the new physics engine. The nice part though is that it is a significant performance booster, so once its tweaked properly it will mean physics related lag will be noticeably noticed (its noticeable now!)

From Linden Lab's blog on Havok4 Early Adopter Program
How Do I Report A Problem?

To submit a Havok4 bug:
1) Log in to the Link page with your Second Life avatar name and password.
2) Click “Create New Issue”
3) Set PROJECT to “2 Second Life Service - SVC” and ISSUE TYPE to “Bug”
4) On the next page, type step-by-step instructions for how to create the problem, and if specific products are involved include the product vendor name and specific product name and version.
5) VERY IMPORTANT: Please set COMPONENTS = “Physics” and AFFECTS VERSIONS = “Havok4 Beta”. If you do not choose these settings, the Havok4 team may not see your bug report for a while!

For a demo of the jira public issue tracker, see Torley’s great video “how to report a bug“. Again, please be sure to set COMPONENTS = “Physics” and AFFECTS VERSIONS = “Havok4 Beta”!

Thanks Everyone!

(btw, so far no bad remarks about the new Edo access system, but be sure to let me know if something is wrong with it!)

Esprite Xavier on Wednesday 30 January 2008 - 14:19:42
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New Access Tests in Samurai Edo.
Hello Everyone,

So today we implemented the testing of new access scripts for Samurai Edo. As well as did alittle cleaning.

So how does it all work? Basically if you unverified instead of having to go through a clan and joining Samurai Island Warriors you can now enter Samurai Edo as long as you have done the registration process (which is pretty easy) found on the C:SI HUD. So either have payment info filed or register via the HUD to get access! Please note without being registered or having payment info you will be sent home and banned from the area for 1 hour. (there is a warning.)

Why are we now doing this?

-Well originally when we first got Edo we kept it payment info only....but,it was clear this was a problem, especially for international users. So in order to both increase interest in joining clans (which were kinda so-so on how active they were) and have some kinda filtering we gave the clan leaders the ability to let people in the group to circumvent the restriction. However, as our community has grown... having the clans micromanage this access, as well as this being the motivation for someone to join a clan has become a burden on the clans. Clans are more than capable of staying active just out of their own activities and interest drawn from that.

Please note we are still testing this system and it is officially in beta, so if you see any problems or have suggestions leave me an IM!
Esprite Xavier on Monday 28 January 2008 - 02:32:22
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ArchaTek releases the Blood Drinkers!
After a lot of work I finally released my new Blood Drinkers, a set of really interesting dual wield daggers. I tried to introduce some new strategies by including movement in some of the attacks and it makes for some very interesting techniques. ^^ The blades also coat with blood as you fight with them, which I freakin' love.

The special I decided to go for vampire, a timed buff where damage you inflict heals you. I'm really happy with how all the animations turned out on these too. ^^

Archanox on Monday 21 January 2008 - 23:37:13
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1,000,000 Duels! and Happy Holidays
Robby. has kept a nice tab on the score stats on his blog, its been fun to keep track of the total amount of unique duelists and sims that people have fought in!

Though we've been developing C:SI for much longer, we first began keeping track of scores on our beta scorekeeper October of last year and just recently we surpassed over 1,000,000 duels gridwide! Overall pretty sweet, and almost half of those came from the last 4-5 months.

Though SL has been abit shaky our community has grown and we have quite a few instore for the next year, its all pretty exciting and I look forward to what the next year willl bring. (and fear bugs....fear them!)

Esprite Xavier on Monday 24 December 2007 - 17:33:27
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Finally! Ashes Ninjaken v1.0 Released
After a very long period of time I have finally released an upgrade of the tou as the Ashes Ninjaken (yeah I'm extremely creative when naming things...)
Anyways it has new animation set that holds the sword reversed and it feels alot quicker.

It's faster but has reduced damage! Also the special attack is a passive one that is called Berserker, I'll let you figure out what it does. :)

Oh if you previously owned a Ninja-tou the upgrade package will allow you to move up to the C:SI compatible Ninjaken for 200l. It's optional though so if you don't want it just ignore the updates. Just wear the Ninja-tou to get the upgrade package and follow its instructions.
SLExchange" rel="external">Link and OnRez listed!

Esprite Xavier on Tuesday 18 December 2007 - 21:23:50
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End of Semester Crazyness.
Well there has been a lack of news on here.

Arch and I have been going crazy with end of the semester projects so haven't had much time to log in SL or make new posts.
Thankfully we only have a few weeks left, but that means its time to study for finals...

Anyways included a horrible sketch I did during a lecture. Looking forward to things picking up again after the end of classes for the year.
Quite of few things everyone wants to work on! Well back to the grind. Hope you all are enjoying the holidays.

Next semester will be in a digital media class that might give me access to a mocap system *crosses fingers*. Which would help quite abit in making new animations.
Looking forward to it anyways.

Oh yeah!
Robby has the scoop on a tournament going on in the Tokugawa sims, you can get more details from his blog.
Esprite Xavier on Monday 03 December 2007 - 02:57:08
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