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New C:SI Weapon: Ronin Katana
Ayame just released a new sword (well actually it has been out for a few days...yeah I'm late..) It's pretty awesome, plus you can get a free "Ronin" outfit at Samurai Island that goes great with it.
It's using the second set of sword animations like those on the Dynasty Flame

Esprite Xavier on Thursday 14 August 2008 - 16:51:40
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New Bokutō Vendors
Hello Everyone,

Been awhile since our last update. Sorry about that! Today we began setting up our new bokutō vendors to replace our old bokken models. The new model bokutō was made by Ayame Musashi using sculpted prims (it's only 2 prims!). We also have a new look to the stands, amazing its actually less prims than our old one.

Just like the bokkens the new bokutō are free demos. We'll be replacing all existing bokken vendors with these new ones + placing them to simulators who request them for C:SI related areas.

Esprite Xavier on Monday 07 July 2008 - 21:32:49
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Weekly Statistics
Robby has finally gotten off of his lazy butt and moved the C:SI Weekly Fight Statistics to this site where it belongs ;)

Currently only the most active warriors and most active regions for the current week are being displayed, though there are plans to add more (and more detailed) information to this page in time.

You can check out this week's data by clicking on the "Weekly Stats" item in the menu to the right of this page.
RobbyRacoon Olmstead on Thursday 22 May 2008 - 12:39:34
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Happy Birthday Arch and C:SI!
Hey Everyone,

Wanted to do something fun today but was on a 14 hour flight so I'm just gonna crash after writing this. :P

First off it's Archy's Birthday (yesterday was his rezday as well 5 years in SL....old fart!)
So feel free to bug him with Happy Birthday IM!

Happy Birthday Arch!

Next is also an important day for C:SI because its been 2 years since we first released the first set of swords for sale. We've grown quite abit since then, with over 17,000 unique avatars giving a go with a sharp pointy object. More amazing is recording over 1.6 million duels across the grid since we first began testing of the tracking over a year ago.

Also those of you who visit Samurai Island will notice its undergoing some construction work at the moment and the entire sim has pretty much been cleared. KatanaBlade Anubis is officially remodeling the sim atm and has already begun great work redoing the main C:SI store. She's pretty quick when it comes to remodeling the sims so I don't expect it will be that long. (and they always manage to look better than ever.)

Well its been a great 2 years or so and I really look forward to what's going to be introduced in the future. We all appreciate the support from the community and hope you all continue to support us as we work on C:SI!

Esprite Xavier on Wednesday 21 May 2008 - 20:00:07
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New C:SI Weapon : Taketori Katana
Daikon Forge just released a new katana for the Combat: Samurai Island system, the Taketori Katana. It is available online via SL Exchange or in-world at Samurai Island, House of Blade, and several other locations which can be found via search or in Robby profile Picks.

RobbyRacoon Olmstead on Tuesday 15 April 2008 - 07:45:43
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Proposed change to SL viewer would break C:SI dash

Update by Esprite: Just tested this in the new viewer, luckily it doesn't break dash but as Robby mentioned it might be confusing to new people. Basically how this works is , you hold down the direction key when you press it the second time and run in that direction. If you let go you walk again. If you have Ctrl-R run toggled on, the double tab doesn't do anything. Give it a test and give your feed back to the JIRA post.


According to the sldev newsletter, Linden Lab wants to implement a new "feature" in the next version of the Second Life viewer that could potentially break the ability to dash or use a few (some as yet unreleasred) combat attacks :
DEV-4706 - Make running more intuitive by double-tapping forward

Essentially, they propose making it necessary to double-tap the forward key in order to run, rather than using CTRL-R. Double-tapping movement keys is, not coincidentally, used by C:SI and many other products to help make up for the fact that scripts have access to such a limited number of controls.

There is a JIRA issue (VWR-6232) for petitioning Linden Lab to not implement this feature.

Please take a few minutes to go vote in support of this petition, and help us get the word out about this critical issue : If this "feature" gets implemented, there will be a great many other products that are broken, such as teledash-style dashing devices, some flight assist products, and more.
RobbyRacoon Olmstead on Wednesday 09 April 2008 - 18:59:17
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Having trouble with jumping in Havok 4?
Many people in the C:SI community have noticed that the new Havok 4 physics engine has, among other things, significantly reduced the height of the avatar jump.

This has had a dramatic effect on combat for many people, as well as making many existing obstacle courses and training tools unusable.

WarKirby Magojiro has filed a JIRA bug on the issue : JIRA SVC-1975

In the comments to that issue, Alexa Linden asks a question that would seem to indicate that they were not previously aware of the problem :
Can you provide us with Comparative metrics for this? are you noticing this difference without your AO on?

If this issue is important to you, and you'd like to convince Linden Lab to fix it, please follow the link given above and vote for the issue. Also, please leave a comment to convince the Havok 4 dev team that this is an important issue and is worth fixing.
RobbyRacoon Olmstead on Tuesday 08 April 2008 - 09:40:37
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[Resolved] Switching to Monthly Fees, Need to buy stuff.
Update: Nevermind... Ayame thinks charging monthly would result in many people trying to hurt us. We'll just make more weapons...(hope you all had a great April Fools!)

Well I thought I could milk some more money outta ya guys so we decided to switch a monthly payment system!
Yeah, we're greedy developers, who want to buy stuff. Lots of stuff.

$$$ == STUFF

Swords will automatically bill your account when you wear them, then proceed to provide your credit card information and bank account routing numbers.
Don't worry we'll only use that information to buy food,very overpriced electronics, and sharp pointy "reference materials".

Clans will also need to pay an additional fee of 5.99/mo per member or face possible buyouts by larger more fearsome clans...yeah...and they might have guns, big ones.

Esprite Xavier on Tuesday 01 April 2008 - 00:00:00
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Goodbye Divisons, Hello New Clan Board!
Arch just finished the new database driven clanboard that can be found in Samurai Island and Samurai Edo. Clans are listed in alphanumerical order.

However, starting from today clans will no longer be divided up into divisions. The original purpose of which were for smaller tournament bracketing, and we've pretty much out grown the need for them. So it was decided to remove them from having to be inputed into the database. Though I'm sure different clans will still group together with alliances and leagues over time. We will not be forcing that on anyone.

Adding a clan is now pretty quick and the logo is pulled from the image that a clan uses for their group logo, and they are dynamically added from the online database of stored clans.
The process of adding new clans and schools has always been rather slow, but we now have made it easier to add new clans, and will be able to better track which clans are active. In addition we are working on new tools to add to the experience of clans. (which is the reason we had previously asked for a clans UUID)

Thanks again to Archanox, who got this running!
Esprite Xavier on Thursday 20 March 2008 - 00:42:05
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The Final Stand 3v3 Clan Tournament – Round 2
You’re invited to join us as the remaining four teams compete in Round 2 of The Final Stand 3v3 Clan Tournament for the winner-takes-all cash prize of 10,500L. We’re looking forward to some exciting matches.

We’d once again like to thank:

The C:SI devs for increasing the cash prize from its original 2500L and for all of the hard work they’ve put into creating this amazing combat system.

Bare@Rose for donating 3 men’s and women’s outfits for the winning team. We know that many members of the C:SI community enjoy their clothing and are honored to have them sponsoring our tournament.

Everyone from The Final Stand and other C:SI clans who’ve helped to make this tournament happen.

When: Saturday 3/15 and Sunday 3/16 at 3pm.
Where: Samurai Edo behind the arena.

Note to spectators: Please remove all gadgets (including weapons) and any high prim accessories before you TP into Edo.

-The Final Stand

Esprite Xavier on Wednesday 12 March 2008 - 23:04:07
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