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ODA resigns
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MoxieWolfox Oxide
Tue Nov 08 2011, 06:46PM
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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 12:01AM
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I've sat in my Lord's chair and I'm tired of the flakes and no one with dedication or will to stay more than a month, taking what they learn then leaving. I train more noobs outside my clan than I do it's members, I might as well be a roaming Master rather than a Clan holder, so I've come to my decision.

ODA will close it's doors. I'm putting in my Clan's Resignation. I will still be in the system, just not sitting in an empty clan. Its more novelty than active now these days. I will take my place within the system as a roaming Instructor, my services open to those who request it, or Clans needing an extra hand. I will still train and teach anyone who wishes for lessons, from 1 day noob and up, all are welcome.

ODA will not be change of ownership.. The ODA that started under Xiang, and Shidji then Onto me, will be closed. Any new ODA's or similar will hold no relation to the original clan of the past years.

I will go on now to give over ODA's history in respects to the previous leaders before me.

ODA started in the early months of 2007 by Xiu Yao (aka Xiang Hifeng), along with Shidji Woollahra. ODA was home in Shrouded isle, and where it grew fast snatching up members, including myself (MoxieWolfox Oxide)

In the months that followed, Xiang handed control over to Shidji and she was the leader of ODA
((Xiang's Letter of resignation:
As you all know, Shidji and I are co-leading the clan. As Shidji has begun to take on more of the burden and initiative with Oda, and as I have less and less time for SL, I want everyone to try to think of Shidji as the primary go to person when it comes to Oda. We are still co-leaders, but I will probably start to play a more secondary role to her. The way major decisions are reached will still be the same, by consulting the buke rank, and Shidji and I reaching final decisions jointly, but for the most part I will be making recommendations and then deferring to Shidji for the final decision.

Please feel free to come to me on anything you would like, but for the most part Shidji is the main leader of Oda now.))

In that year with the clan I made lots of friends, learned my most and enjoyed assisting others, It was assisting other members and using what I learned from Shidji with other members that moved me into a roll as Daimyo, assisting the clan with Shidji.

Around early 2007 Shrouded went through a re-designing. During the time closed, ODA was without its home and place of daily activity. Slowly members went inactive, others left, and ODA's involvement in C:SI was Dented. After re-opening lot of people disliked what it became, traffic slowed, and ODA tried to regain itself with classes and training, people didn't show, members weren't enthusiastic.

And it went on, Shidji needed more time for herself and ODA was passed to me. Only a month after Shrouded was closed mid 2007.

((Shidji's Letter of resignation:
~Shidji types a lot, so to make it short; she said~ "bye"

...ok ok. I'll paste it.. but its a lot...

Shidji's REAL letter of resignation:
Hi all. I'm sending this note as my official statement regarding my involvement with Oda. This is to let you know that I have stepped down as Oda's leader, and that MoxieWolfox Oxide has taken my place. There's really only one reason for this, but it has a few facets. Basically, I've found that running Oda has become more of a full-time job for me than I'm happy with. I've been somewhat avoiding logging in as Shidji lately, due to the fact that when I log on, I know I'll have about 7-10 IM windows blinking at me, all wanting to drag my attention in various CSI directions. This is not why I got involved with Oda. I got involved with Oda because I saw potential to make a difference in the CSI community, and I feel that I've definitely done *that much. Oda shines in ways that a number of clans have not managed to reproduce yet.

However, at this point my involvement as Oda's leader is kind of locking me down and keeping me from what I enjoy about CSI itself, as the moment I log in I get stuck behind the scenes, often sitting in the same spot for a few hours before the IM tidal wave ebbs off. usually by then, I'm either too tired or burnt-out to duel for fun, or I don't have time to do anything else, and I have to log. I'm finding that I need to get back to basics in CSI, and actually start *enjoying myself! True, there is satisfaction in leading a group this awesome (although the involvement of a number of members has been quite lacking lately). But when my experience with Oda day after day is reduced to maintenance of issues that really shouldn't be issues such as personal problems between members and other clans' members, or responding to numerous reports of people needing attitude readjustments and reminders (drama and drama) rather than working on and implementing steps to further Oda's development, it makes me realize that the only way I'm going to feel enjoyment out of CSI again is to simply get out of this role which I've felt myself kind of 'stuck' in lately. Avoiding logging on as this av is not the solution. Oda needs a leader that is available and there to take care of the needs involved.

Therefore, I'd like you to all please recognize MoxieWolfox Oxide as the new Shogun of Oda. I've created a role in the Oda Clan and Oda Council groups called Oda Ancient, which I've given limited rights to for myself, as a way of staying involved with Oda to a degree, albeit definitely in the background... I want you all to realize that Moxie is the head of Oda at this point and all Oda matters should be passed through him. I'm offering myself as council for Moxie for those inevitable times when issues come up that he needs to talk to me about, but if anything needs to be considered by me in those regards, I kindly ask that it come from Moxie, and not from a bunch of various people involved in the clan, as that would sort of negate the point of my stepping-down.

Also - as Oda's dojo property rent was being handled by myself specifically and out-of-pocket, and Moxie is not in a position to afford to pay 15k a month for rent, I suspect that the current Oda dojo will no longer 'officially' be Oda's after the 12th of July, which is when rent is due. You might be alarmed to hear that at first, but let me explain. The dojo building itself is not mine... it belongs to the Shrouded Isle Shogunate group, and will remain that way. The rent was simply being paid to have the right to 'officially' call the dojo Oda's, although if you think about it... it really makes no sense that any money was being paid for it in the first place. We were only renting, and had absolutely NO land rights whatsoever... no parcel access control rights, no various land option rights, no media rights... in fact it's not even subdivided like that. Any changes made to the ban list on Oda's property affect the entire sim, not just that parcel. So, with that in mind... if anyone is allowed to come on the property *anyway, and anyone can use the dojo *anyway, and nothing will change as far as anything land-related or dojo-related is concerned *anyway... then what is the benefit for paying 15k a month??? Literally, all that that 15k earned Oda was the right to call that corner of the sim Oda's dojo. I see that dojo as being labeled with Oda's name for a very long time to come as it is, since that's simply what people are used to considering it as. I expect that nothing very noticeable will change.

Anyway... wanted to tell all of you this officially. Just so you're aware, I in no way have any intentions of quitting CSI altogether. In fact, I'm hoping that I'll be around even more as a result. You guys are awesome, and I know Oda will continue to grow and take on new life. Feel free to say hi all you want =) See you around soon I'm sure!

~ Shidji Woollahra


And so now, back to the present time.. ODA has dwindled down. and not enough members to be useful as a Clan.

And I will now updating all ranks and titles within ODA to that of SHITAI (corpse)

You can now remove ODA from the list of clans, and I have left the Council. As to my placement within the Samurai Warriors group? this is purely up to Kat. I'm not leaving entirely, I'm still around to assist C:SI citizens. I'm just closing ODA.

anyone with questions, feel free to contact me
(Moxiewolfox Oxide)

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JulieAnne Rau
Tue Dec 13 2011, 09:00AM

Registered Member #107
Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 08:52PM
Posts: 77
It's always sad when a Clan shuts its gate. I started just as Shrouded was closing down and I don't remember ODA in its prime. Shidji and I hung out together some and sparred some. Mostly wearing Ninja Babe tags she taught and I listened. Eventaully I got a better graphics card and it evened out the sparring :p

The reality is the most successfuly Clans "usually" have there own SIM and when the benefactor no longer wants to pay, the people move on to the more "active" Clans (ie have land).

After two years as the Leader of the Twilight Clan, I too have moved on to get more joy out of SL, so I understand.

Good Luck, JulieAnne
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