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Clan Rules
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JulieAnne Rau
Tue Jun 14 2011, 07:08AM

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I got into an interesting discussion with a friend last night about Clan rules. He pointed out that Twilight Clan does not make its membership visable for other clans to see. I asked if that was important or some type of CSI rule and he said it was a very old rule and then, in true SL fashion, went on the attack by suggesting I had something to hide. I asked for proof, some type of link or rule page that a developer has created but he suggested it was a "community rule". I understand what he is saying, at one time it was not uncommon to have members involved in 2 or more clans. People did this because maybe one clan had great teachers but the other clan had there best friends in it or was maybe more active. In anycase, Clan leaders decided that Bushido meant loyality and asked these type of people to choose only one clan to be in, hence the "community rule". By the way, this included alts as they are the same person if caught. I have recently challenged this "community rule" and suggest that if it is a CSI standard then maybe a developer should create a set of Clan rules. What do you think? Should the majority of us develop rules (sensei guild) and create a standard that all must follow? If the idea of showing clan membership is to see how active members are, should we tell clan leaders to eject members that haven't logged in for the last 6 months or a year? I was looking at one Clan that has 131 members in it but I doubt they are all active. And speadking of Alts, how do we know who is an alt and who is not? Most of us have at least one alt and maybe more (I said Most so don't get too excited if you are the exception to the rule). I personally have a CSI Alt for the past 2 years of which no one knows who it is and its a well known CSI member and its not in my Clan but another one. I respect the Clan rules and dont make trouble hence I go unnoticed. I hope I don't take this out of context and I appologize if I did to the author. RobbyRacoon (CSI developer) "There are certainly some standards of conduct that are expected, but we (admins) don't have the kind of visibility on such things that we should have to make that a strict criteria." In this particular quote, he is talking about who should lead a clan but I think the fact that he pointed out developers visability in making any rules about clan leadership also applies to making any rules about membership in a Clan. Yes, you represent your Clan but what does that mean? Don't be afraid to have an opinion.


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