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I'm just a learner?
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JulieAnne Rau
Wed Jun 01 2011, 11:47AM

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“I’m just a learner”  I was sparring someone a few days ago, they recently got a new PC and are now discovering a few new moves you can do when you have the machine power to back them up.  She is very competitive now winning 10 of 17 spars.  At the end, when we were exchanging compliments, she mentioned that she was satisfied since, “I’m just a learner”.  My response to this is also, “we are all learning”.  
I know that I have been around for 4 years and I haven’t seen her much but this got me thinking, what is a learner?  I checked her spar stats and she has very close to 22000 spars in comparison to my almost 9000 (soon I can join the 9000 club J).  When I talked with her, apparently she ran a store for a few years before finding CSI the last year or so ago.  She had been using a fairly old machine and recently bought a game box just to be competitive.
So Dear Reader, what defines a Learner?  I know were all learning but at what point do we stop calling ourselves a learner?  I think if I defined myself as a Learner that would be incorrect and I’m sure if I lost a lot of spars to someone and said “I’m a learner”, that would get me laughter.  So, what defines a learner?  How much time sparring is learning?  Say, you have been doing it for 1 or 2 years or 4 years, can you still call yourself a learner?  Can we base that off of the amount of spars?  Is 9000 the magic number?
Let me know, don’t be afraid to state your opinion, JulieAnne
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Cassandra Nymphea
Fri Dec 30 2011, 02:22PM
A learner is one who evolves from every mistake he does. So, it's right... we're all learners. *bows*
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