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Ashes Ninjaken
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JulieAnne Rau
Tue Jan 08 2008, 08:55AM

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Fionnaigh McLaglen wrote ...

The nagi was a bit of a departure but appears not to have had a major impact.


You may have missed the last two Tournaments. The Cold Steel Tournament was won with a Nagi. In the Tokugawa Tournament, the Ancient Class was won with a Nagi, the Master Class was won with a Nagi, and the Intermidate Class was won with a Nagi. Only the Novice Class was won with a Katana and guess what? It wasn't the Ninja!

Some of what you are noticing is that most Katana Fighters do not want to fight againest the Nagi and therefore most Nagi Fighters do not use it when they are at any of the Dojos. However, it is considered a balanced Weapon and there are a lot of people that will use it in a tournament, because of its advantage. This may also happen with the Ninja sword. Only time will tell.

Actually, I was surprized to hear you talk about button mashing, as I use it more of a surgical weapon. As you may have read, I look to kill your Stamina first through fakes, kicks and single slashes if you are tanking with me. No button mashing there. I have seen more Dual users, use that button mashing approach. Solace was been trying the hit-n-run approach and I have to admit, that is the best strategy against me when I use this sword and that is generally where I lose a match. I think most fear it because most people are tankers (or are taught to be tankers) and this sword changes our current way of thinking. Therefore, as I mentioned before... its a matter of stratgey.

As a last note, what I like about the sword is the balance I get between the sword and machine. There are some people that have confessed to me about the dual-core, 60 FPS and PING SIM of 70. I know we like to talk about balance but there is an inherent in-balance already in the game. This inherent in-balance is overcome with stragey. What I think this sword does is remove the in-balance of tanking.


PS. CSI is something different for all people. Some like to be known, some like the Japanesse tradition, some like the competition... its different for all people. There are times I like to dress in a Kimono and only spar againest people that are dressed traditionally that day. And there are other times, my friend and I will just spar and laugh at each other for our mistakes. Whatever CSI is to you, do not be discouraged. Make it what you want it to be!! Thats my advice.

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Fionnaigh McLaglen
Wed Jan 09 2008, 04:57AM

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Some excellent points JulieAnne. I haven’t yet ventured into the tournaments, so I was not aware how well the nagi is doing. Makes me realise I had better start learning about its strengths and weaknesses. Actually it is a rather appealing weapon, so maybe someday I should learn to use it! It does perhaps suggest that simply having a slightly different weapon can give a real advantage, maybe not so much because the weapon is unabalanced but because many fighters are less sure how to fight against them.

My point about button mashing was that I think beginners like me might be tempted to take that approach: better fighters are of course more likely to use it surgically and tactically as you do. Your point about imbalances due to differences in connection speed/quality is of course absolutely right. To their credit, every Sensei who has given me a lesson has always stressed that part of the skill in CSI is to adapt to allow for differences in lag/ping/fps. I typically get about 200 ms and 25-35 fps but sometimes much worse. One Sensei who teaches me only gets 400ms or worse, and still performs excellently. Best point of all is your advice to make of CSI what we want. When I look at the care and attention to detail given to all the CSI weapons, sometimes I just wish I had enough free prims on my wee parcel of land simply to display them all!
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Shindo Otsuka
Fri Feb 29 2008, 02:27PM
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I <3 my Ninjaken. I love tearing into someone and they're like "WTF!" or "OOOh S#!T!" XD Though I'm not doing a great deal of damage to them. I like how it makes them run just 'cause I slashed the crap outta them. >:)

Let's have a play date with our swords! >:D

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