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Ghost Dogs Clan is born and will make you happy or dead :)
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Fat Yalin
Wed Sep 15 2010, 03:35AM

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Joined: Sun Jul 06 2008, 12:34PM
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Hi CSI citizens

I opened a new clan this week mainly dedicated to the old grumpy goats.
If you recognise yourself in this words, let join us, and show us how your argues might be turn into a sparring match.
It is possible to use katana to buttress the controversy. :)

Here, the About the Clan:

The Ghost Dogs Clan opens its door to all the retired veterans, ronins, lonesome warriors… Whether you are a friend or an enemy, whether you come for one night or for one year, you will always be welcome. We aren’t a school, we aren’t a dojo and we don’t train. Consider this clan as a haven where all kinds of shares might be possible, Bad or good.

Sometimes a traveler will stop at the door, asking for an advice, or information, a path…Before you kill him, let him believe you will help him.
Some days after the rain an observer could be the witness of epic fights between residents of Ghost Dogs Clan.

Ghost Dogs Clan is an official C:SI group
If you would like to join or need further information contact Fat Yalin

Ghost Dogs Clan is dedicated to Jim Jarmusch and Takashi Koizumi.
I would like to thank Glucosamine and Arishia for their help, Thank you guys !
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