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ODA Updates for 2010
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MoxieWolfox Oxide
Tue Aug 10 2010, 07:47PM
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The former group "the Oda Clan" is now no longer our official group, it has been changed to the new group "ODA Gouzoku" this change was made based that since Xiang passed onto Shidji and then Shidji passed the group onto me, I was limited in the editing of some group abilities and names.

ODA is still a small faction rather than a large clan, We still are with no Dojo, ODA is still open to any of those willing to take part, or those who are not comfortable being part of a larger group. Long as you have a C:SI weapon and good character, that is plenty enough for joining our Clan.

Gouzoku was selected by current members from a list of options. Gouzoku meaning "Powerful family"

Along with these changes is now changes in our ranking structure.
listed are the new names of each Rank, these have been decided and will be the new setting.
ODA Karōshi 過労死 (Worked themselves to Death) [inactive members/chance of ejection]

ODA Jūkyū 十級 [New Students]

ODA Nidan 二段 [Students with grasps of Basics]

ODA Sandan 三段 [intermediate students with more than basics and learning skills, also with knowledge able to instruct beginners.]

ODA Samurai 侍 [Samurai/Buke Rank, ability to read their opponents patterns and styles, and counter with their own.]

ODA Sensei 先生 [Master teacher, can assign roles.]

ODA itsu min 逸民 (Retired) [Members who have reached rank of Samurai or higher, and now settled down from most fighting, but still may show signs of activity now and then.]

ODA - Sōke 宗家 [Grand Master, Bow to MEEE! >:O

As you see, these titles partially* reflect off the ranks of RL Sword training, as I think fits what we do. Also, the rank of Female Samurai " Onna Bugei-sha 女武芸者" is now gone, I felt rather than divide sexes, would make this unisex rank with just Samurai. Actually to be honest I just can't fit the whole thing into a group role title, so got rid of it.

Thank you in large to Ayame Musashi for the assistance and taking care of updating our group for the clan boards =)

As always any one interest or with questions about ODA, contact me, MoxieWolfox Oxide, inside SL.

Take care all!

(edited) made updates to correct my errors, Karōshi I knew it meant stress death but placed suicide in my stupid train of thought, I put suicide in the thought inactive members were getting ejected from the Clan. Thank you much to Reico Yoshikawa for pointing this out to me, as well she informed me that "itsu min" is the more common term for retired.

all fixed now

[ Edited Thu Aug 12 2010, 02:25AM ]

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