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Colin Kiernan
Sun Dec 09 2007, 03:55PM
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I did some sparring with Malachi in the Beta grid, and I thought I'd post some of the issues we saw here to give the devs a heads-up. I'm not sure if the changes to fix these things need to be made in Havok 4 or in the combat system. I'll let the devs look at it and either post Havok 4 bugs (post the links here so we can all vote on them) or make changes to the C:SI scripts.

-Kicks would often push the person straight up. This seemed to usually happen when no one was moving. Sometimes, the kicks would push backwards like normal.

-On the new Circle HUD, the bars that appear if you click the center would not update. They were always full. The meters around the bottom of the HUD still worked.

-The controls were really sluggish. It was like fighting in molasses. I think this may just be the beta grid isn't run on as good hardware as the normal grid.
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Malachi Rothschild
Thu Dec 13 2007, 10:44AM
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In addition to that I noticed that because momentum is handled differently, if someone gets kicked while jumping or landing a jump they'll automatically get thrown pretty far away. There isn't that same ability to change movement in the air so freely as with the current physics engine.

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Aimee Congrejo
Sun Dec 23 2007, 06:53PM

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Yeps, and jumpslashes no longer continue momentum forward...you can jumpslash but you can only jump straight up.

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RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Sun Dec 23 2007, 07:18PM

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Esprite and I were talking about some of these issues a few days ago, and some of the stuff that impacts the swords impacts so many other SL products that we think it may be a little early to file bugs. Certainly as the Havok engine progresses and we see critical issues not automatically getting resolved we'll be filing ALL KINDS of bug reports.

There will most likely still be a few things that are broken when it goes live, sort of "par for the course" with Linden Lab, but we'll do everything we can to minimize the effects from our end and put whatever pressure we can on LL to fix things on theirs :)

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Blabla2 Eponym
Sun Apr 13 2008, 03:56PM
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Aimee Congrejo wrote ...

Yeps, and jumpslashes no longer continue momentum forward...you can jumpslash but you can only jump straight up.

you can still jump slash, as long as the slash is a bit more delayed.
If you get trown away and get into this weird slide, just try blocking once or 2ce and you will still end up jumping.
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