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Broken swords and HUDs
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Arishia Nishi
Thu Apr 08 2010, 12:55PM

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Hey Devs!!
Someone has posted this elsewhere about your products:
Any experience player will tell you that huds and swords break under extreme lag. As a sim administrator you can run a variety of test ~ one player loaded with scripts in the .600 and up against one with .110 worth of script and you will see that the one with the lower count will either have a broken sword or hud.

~~~~ Is this true? Your products break if one player on a sim has a script time of 0.600 or greater while their opponent has a script time of 0.110 or less?

[ Edited Thu Apr 08 2010, 12:58PM ]
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Thu Apr 08 2010, 01:32PM

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Where was this written? I have not seen it.

I am not aware of any specific issues like this, but then again "broken" is pretty ambiguous in terms of scripting problems and doesn't adequately describe what the issue might be.

Will a person experience some problems when script times are this disparate? That seems likely, in that there might be hits or blocks that go unrecorded, etc. The word "broken" sounds like something with a permanent effect, like a script error or other serious problem, and I've never encountered that in person, nor have I seen anyone ever submitted any bug report on an issue like that.

I'd love to hear more details about this, if anyone has them.

[ Edited Thu Apr 08 2010, 01:33PM ]

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