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ImperiuM Katana
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Caitlin Tobias
Tue Feb 02 2010, 06:39AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 04 2009, 06:01AM
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Hello !

Going through this forum, I realized we have not properly introduced ourselves in this section! Yeah, time flies when you'r having fun, and there's also something called RL that keeps us busy every now and then!

We are pleased though, that many fighters and clans have found their way to our Dojo on ImperiuM Island!

Now....who or what is the ImperiuM?

The ImperiuM was founded and made official as C:SI clan on 9 August 2009.
The founders (and clan leaders) are: Rattus Swashbuckler, Pilar Whitfield and Caitlin Tobias.

The reason we started this clan was that we found out we had lots of fun, sparring and after we left a clan, discovered we make a great team.
A team in where we all can use our own personal talents and combined this works out great!
Because we love to spar but also love to meet new people and help them in getting to know the C:SI way of living, we founded The ImperiuM.

We would like our clan to be a group of people that are all equal, we do not tolerate any form of intolerance or drama.
Honesty and respect are very important.
Allthough we do have a ranking system for our fighters, the members are always welcome to share their ideas and thoughts in making us a better group.
And better is not always in fighting, but also in being friends and supporting eachother.

That is the reason we do not have a specific Sensei role. We believe everybody with experience has some expertise that he or she can pass on to another.
Therefore we all teach eachother, and we all learn from eachother!

All are welcome in our Dojo for some good fights, chat or chill out :)


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