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:::Haiti Aid:::Fundraiser at Meiji:::January 29th, 2010:::
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Wed Jan 27 2010, 01:35PM
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:::Haiti Aid:::Fundraiser at Meiji:::January 29th, 2010:::

Everyone is aware of the devastating effects and human suffering that has followed in the wake of the destructive earthquake in Haiti. In order to provide an additional opportunity for our community to respond to this tragedy, we will be holding a fund raiser at Meiji for members of the C:SI community and friends who want to do something positive in this time of crisis.

An all day event is planned for Friday, January 29th, 2010

• Spar for Charity – Pay for each spar – as much as You can affort – Tip Jars between mats

• Items for Auction – Kisses and other usefull things from our most beautiful warriors

• Items to Sell – Donated Goods from several types

• 2.00 pm Capture the Flag at Tokugawa – Donation Fee required


• 5.00 pm Dance with our very own Katana waving DJ: RyanSilver Phiipp and Zang Zaftig

Host: Ratatosken Karu

Hostess: masmako Slade

Place: Meiji: Link

Every donated Linden will be adviced to American Express – Haiti Aid

Here is a list of some organizations you may although donate to:

American Red Cross: Link

Doctors Without Borders: Link

Unicef: Link
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