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requirements on 'official' C:SI clans
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Sterremare Seale
Fri Aug 14 2009, 06:58AM

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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 04:53AM
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First time I'm posting something on this board, I need to know the opinion of the C:SI community in general, admins in special.

I'm really wondering what the qualifications are for someone who wants to start an official C:SI clan.

This question popped up after a new clan was added recently, founded by someone who never made it to the samurai rank because of lack of 'decent behavior', behavior that is opposite to what I think, makes the C:SI community special, call it Bushido.

Hoping for replies on this subject,

Sterremare Seale
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Wed Aug 26 2009, 09:46AM

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I'm a little surprised that this topic has not seen more participation.  I've received a couple of IMs on the subject, but apparently this topic has been for the most part ignored.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting topic for me, so I've been quite active offline working through some related issues.

I do not yet have any solid recommendations for clan leader qualifications, because it's hard to imagine what objective criteria would be adequate for such a determination.  Leadership qualities are always somewhat ambiguous and hard to measure objectively.  A very strong warrior will not necessarily be able to effectively lead, and conversely a great leader may not necessarily be the strongest warrior. I think we can all agree that experience is important, but to what degree and how much experience should be considered sufficient? 

There are certainly some standards of conduct that are expected, but we (admins) don't have the kind of visibility on such things that we should have to make that a strict criteria. Other considerations are equally ambiguous and subjective, with the same problem of low visibility and awareness. Once again I encourage anyone interested in the subject to share their thoughts here.

[ Edited Tue Sep 01 2009, 07:17PM ]

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MoxieWolfox Oxide
Sun Sep 13 2009, 06:18AM
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I agree to this, and seen such happenings. I think experience is an important role. Do they need to be top rank killers? Not at all, When Shidji decided on me to take over ODA it was nothing do do with my skill, anyone can see my numbers and see that I am not a great fighter, I never say I was, I had a prime but it was short and switched from my own skill to instead focusing on others, helping anyone learn and giving people a positive and fair welcoming into C:SI without requiring them to do anything for me besides having fun and sharing the same spirit.

Sterremare knows this, I remember helping her learn to be a Sensei when she was in ODA and I was Daimyo under Shidji. My Focus put the students of C:SI before myself in C:SI.

I got taken into ODA and through the ranks learned to understand timings and how the scripts would act upon movements, the proper fighting edicate, how to watch another fighter and understand what they are doing with their controls to offer advice, how to counter different styles.

That is what put me into Leading ODA. A Leader who lacks knowledge or expects others to fill in that work wont go far. C:SI is more than RP you cannot RP your skill as a leader for a clan. Can have a large Dojo or your own sim and great details, lots of hype, but its pretty worthless if you know nothing of the system besides how to make slashes.

Not only does it create an issue for them but this soon spreads into their fighters. I've fought other clan's members with Sensei ranks that turn into teaching lessons because they never got a true lesson of the system. I even had one case of a clan's sensei still fighting without mouselook.

My past students I made sure they understood and tested them myself, I didn't leave it to sensei alone, I make sure each fighter gets it. and when they didn't, I removed those people not wanting to follow the proper methods, because I wont have them showing the improper ways to my other students or other outsiders under ODA's name.

How many clans do we see with the leader putting all the work to the sensei or other under ranks, and just being a verbal input? How many clans have we seen get new leaders or returning leaders, or hell, multiple leaders arguing between matters?

ODA is a at a stand still, we are small, and no Dojo for the time being, but I still teach, ODA wont die till I say "Hey, I'm not teaching people anymore", all my members need to do is ask me and I gladly assist them in Edo or their home and continue to do.

I don't care about my score or my size of ODA, I don't care about money in Tournies, I'm just here to share knowledge make friends and have fun.

Am I what a requirement of a Official clan should be? No, I'm just an idea or example of how one way works.

In short, experience shouldn't be a numbers, but a solid understanding of how the system works.

Anywho, I'm clicking my rambling switch off now.
Thank you for bringing up this topic Sterre =)


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Karnac Binder
Tue Dec 08 2009, 02:36AM

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Joined: Mon Jan 28 2008, 01:49PM
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I should check out the forum more often...only just seen this.

I am an average (=mediocre?) fighter, so I suppose I can look at this from the student rather than leader perspective.

Although it is over 2 years ago, I can still clearly remember as a total beginner going to Samurai Island and "shopping" for a Clan - and now there are more than ever to choose from. And really it is a bit like shopping: you look at the posters, read the descriptions, maybe visit the dojo if the Clan has one. If you are lucky you meet a few of the Clan, maybe even the leader or one of the senior Sensei. But as a beginner there is really no easy way of telling which Clan might suit you, how good the teaching will be, whether you will fit in. Even language or timezone considerations will have a bearing.

I can't imagine changing Clan now, though I've had my ups and downs as we all do - my loyalty is firmly to my Clan.And Robby is right to say there is no really safe way of "policing" which are official Clans. But it really is hard for someone to choose - and be chosen by - a Clan. Of course an independent "Consumers Guide to Clans" would be great, but who on earth would have the knowledge and the sheer guts to try to write that?!

MoxieWolf is right of course: it is the teaching and the spirit of the Clan which matters most,at least to those who aspire to improve. In that sense, to most of us students our Sensei is often more important than the Clan leader. So if there was ever going to be any "official" vetting, I'd suggest it was for Sensei rather than Clans. A "Council of Elders" might be able to implement a cross-Clan "certification" scheme based purely on objective tests of fighting ability, knowledge and teaching skills. Of course that would lead to a massacre of a fair few egos, arguments about who should constitute the "Council of Elders/examiners" and so on. And it would be up to Clans to subscribe or not to that. But it would introduce a degree of certainty for students, irrespective of which Clan they joined.

No doubt that is an unrealistic suggestion. Still, as they say "by investigating the impossible you might stumble on the useful".

Karnac "hello Tatami my old friend" Binder
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