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MoxieWolfox Oxide
Wed Jul 29 2009, 09:19PM
Registered Member #35
Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 12:01AM
Posts: 16
We are indeed a Clan of lazies, or well, I get people that join only to never return for training =P

I've been hard to find because College stole my life.

I am on still and always accepting students to help learn the system, as usual we are a NON-RP format, simple learning the C:SI system and a learning at your own pace, no tourneys to worry about (we are too small of a clan) and wont be frowned upon for knowing nothing. Can be your first day with a C:SI Weapon, I will assist you much as you need.

ODA is not out there to be a top clan or have the best fighters or be in your face, Simply a small clan to share part in learning and teaching what you learn to the new members under you. Testing by me and my Sensei.

We don't really have a Dojo for the time being, just a small space provided by a friend in Cold Steel, but they are planning another move, so that is always a work in progress. otherwise I train within Edo.

I myself do not go to other fighting sims for personal reasons. Besides those reasons I started in the Samurai Islands and Edo, got accepted into ODA in Shrouded Isle, and once that was gone I stick back to my roots in Edo.

Am I a great fighter? No, I had my prime Fighting Shidji, Alyssa, Kasumi, Mada and many others before I took over ODA for Shidji Woollahra, (My teacher and Masta *grin) I pretty much stopped rolling my C:SI Odometer to instead help and train others back then, and still do =)

SO that's all just a little whats up and such cause I'm always asked when seen.

Is Oda Alive? With me, always.
Do we have students? For a week usually then they loose interest in the system.
Do I teach? YES

And with lack of students currently that means you get my devoted attention =)

I know some clans turn away some people if they are too new or only want more experienced fighters, so to those clans feel free to turn those new people to ODA if you like, Always gladly accepting of newbies.

Sooo thats whats up with ODA, we are old, we are alive, just dusty is all.


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MoxieWolfox Oxide
Mon Nov 02 2009, 06:54PM
Registered Member #35
Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 12:01AM
Posts: 16
Just a heads up to anyone that might read this, when you ask to join, please ask in a NOTE, I do not get all my IMs and often get capped. just enter any requests to a note and drop it over my profile, that I will get and can respond faster!

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