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Attchment points
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Static Doobie
Sun Feb 15 2009, 03:55AM
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Joined: Sun Aug 03 2008, 02:16AM
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i have been using the C:SI combat system for many months and i was wondering if the swords work if you attch them to the mouth , i recently got a Quad AV (animal on all fours) and wanted to fight using my new AV. i have seen one person do this but i was wondering if there is any possible way to have the swords working on a different attchment point other than the hands

thanks static doobie
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Sun Feb 15 2009, 08:39AM

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Joined: Sun Oct 14 2007, 02:54PM
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The swords will only work when attached to the right hand, as there is code included specifically to check for this. Of course, this is kind of a bummer for those who would prefer not to use the right hand, but the limitation is there primarily to ensure that people cannot use more than one weapon at a time. Imagine if someone had 5 swords attached to various points of the body, they could kill an opponent in a single attack!

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JulieAnne Rau
Tue Feb 17 2009, 09:49AM

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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 08:52PM
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So, out of curiosity. If I attach it to the right hand and move it to my mouth in edit, it would still work?
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Tue Feb 17 2009, 01:45PM

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Joined: Sun Oct 14 2007, 02:54PM
Posts: 141
Hmmm.... In theory, yes. But because the sword moves relative to the attachment point, you'd have a hard time indeed getting the sword to stay anywhere near your mouth when attacking :-)

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RainO Tenk
Fri Mar 06 2009, 05:36AM
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Joined: Mon Nov 05 2007, 12:18PM
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try silver :-)))
id like to see that :-))))))
ghost sword? :-))))

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