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Patty Sadofsky
Fri Sep 12 2008, 12:49PM
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Joined: Fri Sep 05 2008, 11:56PM
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Hi! here I am to introduce you our clan again :-)

ShinRyu-Kan is a official C:si clan-school where study the use of the katana and naginata.
Here we learn and share techniques and strategies and it helps between members to make progress.
Purpose of the clan is to learn members how to lead well and honourably the spar.
Is open to all: new and not.
Our values are the friendship and mutual assistance between members.

For ourselves and for our clan!

I want to thank, first of all, my right arm our Huku Daniela for the incentive and confidence that she has always shown me and have made sure that I open finally the clan. I want to thank all the pupils of the clan for the friendship and a sense of belonging to a group of friends who every day show, and a special thanks to RobbyRacoon (he knows why) :-)

(this post will be use like a board for news)

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daniela Enoch
Fri Sep 12 2008, 01:01PM
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Joined: Fri May 02 2008, 12:33PM
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thank you, Patty, I am very proud to belong to ShinRyu -Kan and enjoy your estimate ... I hope that our Clan can grow always taking our ideals.

Good Luck, Sensei... and pupils :)
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Mantaly Mathy
Thu Sep 18 2008, 02:55AM

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Joined: Thu Aug 07 2008, 09:02AM
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I am proud to be in the ranks of ShinRyu-Kan school, managed by our famous and brilliant Sensei Patty, supported by our brave and fearless Huku Daniela.

Accuracy and thoroughness, are undeniable qualities instilled by our Sensei Patty.
A long life for our ShinRyu-Kan school, is truly what I wish.

[ Edited Thu Sep 18 2008, 03:41AM ]

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Helmer Holmer
Sat Apr 04 2009, 01:03AM
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Joined: Fri Apr 03 2009, 05:08PM
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I've met Patty and ShinRyu-Kan casually.
I am a lucky man: this clan was what I was looking for without knowing: I had to live something that could improve me, and I met Patty and ShinRyu-Kan.
Patty is a exacting teacher, a real friend and a nice person. The other guys in the clan are always ready to help each other.
At dojo I feel at home, and at school too.
My way to be a samurai is long and hard, but it's up to me: I have found the best place and people to reach this goal.
Special thanks to Daniela, one of the best people you can meet, Davide, a wise man, Betthy, my favourite snake, Heslop, the smile of SL, and Nimoe, hope to see you soon again at the dojo.
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Shindo Otsuka
Sat May 30 2009, 11:33PM
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Joined: Sun Jan 27 2008, 07:04PM
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GL friend. :3

Let's have a play date with our swords! >:D

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