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Skill Ranking Suggestion
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Author Post
RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Tue May 06 2008, 07:26AM

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Joined: Sun Oct 14 2007, 02:54PM
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Esprite Xavier wrote ...
the database is being changed on a basis of "whenever Arch or Robby feels like tinkering in it" I'm not sure how that would effect someone else's stuff that runs off that info

Oh, yeah.... Hehe, yeah there is definitely a lot of stuff in flux at the moment :)

Esprite Xavier wrote ...
Please allow 1-2 days for time zone differences and the fact I might just laying on a beach ignoring the fact man ever created computers.

oooh, I hate you :) Enjoy!

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Atrus Westland
Tue May 06 2008, 09:32AM

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Apparently Esprite isn't aware that computer's weren't really created by man, "them alienzorz made'em!"
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Colin Kiernan
Tue May 06 2008, 04:24PM
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They were reverse-engineered from Megatron.
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Extisia Portsmouth
Fri Aug 22 2008, 02:35PM

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I like the idea of some form of tiered ranking based on something perceptible and actionable.

This is somewhat of a tangent, but when dueling I've noticed some people feign being newbies in order to (I'm guessing) score more wins. This sort of weighted ranking could offset that motivation.

Also, perhaps it would be possible for the Duel targeting in the HUD to provide a color coordinated or number tiered visual so people get an idea of who around them is of what ability relative to themselves. Want a tough fight/learning experience? Look for the red boxed people. Want to help someone with a less refined skill? Seek out the Gray boxed people. Evenly matched? Green.
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