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Favorite T.V. show and why
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Shindo Otsuka
Thu Apr 24 2008, 08:45AM
Registered Member #823
Joined: Sun Jan 27 2008, 07:04PM
Posts: 132
Okay so, the writers strike is over right? Where are my shows people?! lol Since they stopped making my shows, I've had to look at other alternatives. In my search for a new show to watch I came across... SCRUBS! OMgosh! Love its! It's got a little of the normal shows I watch.

List of current favs:
1. House M.D. - My hero! XD
2. Smallville - Somebody save me. Cloe = grrrrrrrowl! HOTNESS XD
3. Supernatural - Someone's dying in this ep. XD
4. Scrubs - Guy Love 'nuff said!
5. Family Guy - ( probably shouldn't watch this. Rots my brain. XD

What's yours?

Let's have a play date with our swords! >:D

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Malachi Rothschild
Thu Apr 24 2008, 08:51AM
Registered Member #104
Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 07:40PM
Posts: 106
In no particular order:

House, Family Guy, Smallville, Heroes, Bones, Sarah Connor Chronicles

A good katana fight is like a good conversation.

It's deeply engaging, reciprocal
and it flows smoothly.

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Talyn Hayabusa
Sun Jan 11 2009, 12:25AM

Registered Member #29
Joined: Mon Oct 29 2007, 09:48PM
Posts: 4
FarScape, by and far that show was the favorite of all time.
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Sun Jan 11 2009, 08:53AM

Registered Member #13
Joined: Sun Oct 14 2007, 02:54PM
Posts: 141
Hmmm.... I like Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis quite a bit, personally. Looking forward to Stargate Universe, though I'm disappointed that the storyline sounds a lot like Star Trek Voyager, which never interested me.

House, MD is pretty good, but it creeps me out like you wouldn't believe.

Heroes was fun to watch at times, but it seems like it was kinda going downhill last season.

Honestly, I don't think I watch television enough to have a favorite show. If I had to call any show my favorite, though, it would probably be Good Eats on Food Network :)

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JulieAnne Rau
Wed Jan 14 2009, 03:28PM

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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 08:52PM
Posts: 77
I'm getting into "Being Erica" on Monday Nights. Anyone else seen it? it has only aired two different shows.
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Shindo Otsuka
Sun May 31 2009, 01:17PM
Registered Member #823
Joined: Sun Jan 27 2008, 07:04PM
Posts: 132
I've never heard of Being Erica... Is it a chick show? lol Heroes has made me a very bitter person. At first it was the most epic of shows but, then they had that stupid strike and it's only gotten worse from that point on... I LOVE Voyager! I don't know what you're talking about! It was awesome! Got back to exploring uncharted regions of space and cool stuff like that. If SG-U is anything like that, I'm all over it. I like d SG-A way more than SG-1. I never really liked Farscape... Just didn't grab my attention long enough. :D

Let's have a play date with our swords! >:D

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