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Carolin Gausman
Fri Nov 23 2007, 03:46PM
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Joined: Wed Oct 31 2007, 07:22PM
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Hi there!
the last days I had a wierd bug. I had shorter range then other naginata fighter. i tried with a few ppl the range after i noticed it. we both stood in block. i kicked and didnt hit. then my opponent kicked and hit me.
cuz of that i rezzed a new one out of box. 1 spar okay and next spar again. we tried again together the range thingy from above.
next day i rezzed again new one out of box. same thing with the range. was shorter. =( after that i let me send a new box. rezzed the box, got the katana and still same ...

in 1 spar i also had shorter range then a katana.... =( hope u guys can fix that too soon
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JulieAnne Rau
Mon Nov 26 2007, 09:22AM

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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 08:52PM
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"rezzed the box, got the katana and still same ..."

I think it is well known that the range of the kick on the Nagi is longer than the katana. As I started to read your thread it sounds like you are talking about nagi vs nagi kicks, but the quote above confused me? Are you talking about Nagi vs Nagi Kick or Nagi vs katana Kick?

If it is Nagi vs Nagi, I have not noticed this but will check it out, for sure. If it is Nagi vs Katana, please check the thread by Kiku on "Balance Issues with Nagi and Duals "

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Carolin Gausman
Tue Nov 27 2007, 04:31PM
Registered Member #136
Joined: Wed Oct 31 2007, 07:22PM
Posts: 6
i tried both. nagi vs nagi and nagi vs katana
i think i had a typo there xD cuz i rez nagi box and it was same problem
but what makes me curious that i just got sometimes this bug. on somedays i have shorter range and on some i have normal range.
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Talyn Hayabusa
Mon Jan 07 2008, 08:52PM

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Joined: Mon Oct 29 2007, 09:48PM
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Been getting the bug too. As far as I know most of the Nagi users around me have as well. It comes and goes. Rezing a new nagi doesn't seem to make a difference, nor does detaching it. Been meaning to reply to this one for a while, but I keep putting it off. :)
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Lake Huet
Tue Apr 22 2008, 05:29PM
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Joined: Fri Apr 11 2008, 09:46AM
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this bug isn't restricted to the kick..has afected my slashes as well
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Kasumi Hashi
Tue Apr 22 2008, 08:50PM
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Joined: Mon Oct 29 2007, 10:55PM
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Hopefully this nagi kick bug will be fixed soon, lolz

Kasumi Hashi's C:SI Blog
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