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Animation Overrides
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Makkiavelli Toland
Wed Nov 21 2007, 09:57AM
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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 11:01AM
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I want to mention some things regarding AOs:

1. If you use an AO which has a walk-animation, this animation will break C:SI-animations if you stop running and immediatly do some action (blocking, slashing, kicking). Check this by going into 3d-view, run some seconds and block for example. you'll notice the block-anim will be broken.

2. Every Hard-Landing animation i ve seen so far overrides C:SI-Animations too. For instance: You jump-slash and start blocking. If your landing causes the hard-landing to be played, it will override your blocking.

Thats annoying if you fight nagis. Most "advanced" nagi-fighters pull a jump-slash and do a combo in air to have the last powerfull attack ("flame") while they land. Its really nice to see that the most powerfull attack of a nagi gets overriden this way so any chance to counter-slash this attack is gone.

i wonder why no one seems to pay attention to this.

From my point of view all you need in your AO is this:
- Running Animation
- Jumping Animation
- Animation for standing up (the best i know is the getup-anim form the free ninya-AO)
- Standing-Pose; Stands are not really necessary because you are always either moving, blocking or attacking... but i know, they look cool ;)

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Aimee Congrejo
Sun Dec 23 2007, 06:32PM

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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 10:09PM
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Wooooo! Yah, I did this a while ago. Grab the new free ZHAO-II AO cuz it's much better than ZHAO and allows more than one notecard. So I got a Combat notecard, a Frisky Aimee notecard, a Serious Aimee notecard, a...well...you get the idea. LOL

So before a fight I click the ZHAO-II load button and load up my Combat notecard which only has run and jump. And the jump anim I choose is lower priority than the attacks so even jumpslashes look right. ^_^ Yay for stripped down AOs!

It's also cool cuz I got all my AOs in the ZHAO-II now and can jump between them using the load button!

[ Edited Sun Dec 23 2007, 06:34PM ]

Second Aimee =^.^= Aimee Congrejo's Videos
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Shindo Otsuka
Mon Feb 04 2008, 10:06AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 27 2008, 07:04PM
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Why wear AO's at all during a fight? Ao's = more lag! I take mine off when I fight. I may not be the best fighter in the game but, I try to be the least laggiest. So what, you run around like an crack head! I'm all about less lag! Shoot me if you think me getting my one and only hit in is more imp0rtant than dying cool. :p


Let's have a play date with our swords! >:D

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Jiao Zhangsun
Mon Feb 04 2008, 08:45PM
You can make the case for eliminating all sorts of things that contribute to lag. We might all start dueling bald, since all those toruses in prim hair apparently cause lag.

I found C:SI completely by chance shopping in HoB, and was impressed by watching a really elegant fight/chase around the old (old old) battle grounds. They both looked like they belonged in a movie and I was so impressed I bought one. I wouldn't have if they were running around like noob chickens or if it had a clumsy meat-headed look to it. The girl that was fighting had a beautiful kimono with attachments (eek!) that flowed behind her and thats what sold me on C:SI, as weird as that might sound.

Also, when people start stripping down their avies too far it gets sort of ridiculous. People try to get me to play other online games all the time and I won't do it because the appeal isn't there playing as some avatar duplicated exactly thousands of times over.

Also, no one's AO or hair prims is going to cause you to lose a duel. Fighting in lag is another skill set for one, and also, I have never and would never consider things like that as significant in any fight I win or lose. These quests for minimum lag at all costs usually seems to trend toward validating a whole set of BS rumors and excuse making (which take a long time to clean up later on).

When I'm back I might even refuse to fight anyone not using an AO.

[ Edited Tue Feb 05 2008, 03:34PM ]
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Colin Kiernan
Mon Feb 04 2008, 10:59PM
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Joined: Thu Nov 01 2007, 01:51PM
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AO's cause server-side lag rather than client-side lag, i.e. they don't lower framerate, they cause the type of lag where it feels like you're running through molasses and people float across the sim. Taking off one AO in a sim where there are 30 people standing around with AO's isn't really going to make a difference. Also, since it's server lag both you and your opponent are supposedly experiencing the same lag, so it evens out. It's different with something like prim hair where it might lag your opponent but not yourself since you don't see it in mouselook.
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Makkiavelli Toland
Tue Feb 05 2008, 03:18AM
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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 11:01AM
Posts: 24
Yay. I agree with Jiao when she says AOs make fighting a beautiful visual experience. I'm not doing CSI only because of the "fighting".. i love the style and the feeling you have when you enter sims like Edo, SI or Tokugawa. All the detail and stunning atmosphere.. Not sure how to describe or if it makes sense to anyone except me.. and AOs that are part of this "style "simply add on to this.

And i do understand Jiao when she says AOs dont make you lose.. most of the time they dont. But it *is* a difference if you think someone is going to slash you .. you counter-slash just to see they are blocking and their AO simply broke their block-animation and caused it to look like a slash. i dont know how often i "got stunned" because of these effects.

i can deal with that when fighting "intermediate" fighers.. but when fighting "pros" the outcome of the fights depends on a bunch of small details.. one or two unnecessary stuns can make a huge difference. thats what i'm talking about.

in an envirionment thats so "unperfect" and "unfair" like sl and csi with all these differences in connection-speed, fps and whatever, at least the "fighting" itself should be as fair as possible. and making the csi-animations *visible" is a part of that.
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Jiao Zhangsun
Tue Feb 05 2008, 07:12AM
That's so true about atmosphere! I think a lot of people appreciate an experience that is more complete in that way. Imagine if Esprite or Domo flattened the sims, got rid of all prims, so that they were big empty sandboxes. What a huge loss that would be! And for people that remember Bamboo Forest, part of what was so special about it for me at least was the warmth and realism of the build. I remember that place in a similar way as I do beautiful vacation spots from when I was little irl. I think thats part of what makes SL so engaging is the uniqueness and creativity that everyone contributes to things, even if its only on the level of their own avies in how people choose to look (including animations).

I do agree that AOs become relevant when they cover sword animations. I thought about adding that since it is important people see the right cues to know what to do. Some people have developed a lot of skill using nagis in the air, but the down side of that is that most AOs do seem to cover that 50 point 3rd combo strike that comes on the landing, so yeah, thats irritating. But that aside, I think that people making assumptions like the lag caused by prims or an AO being a reason for a loss is VERY self defeating because 1) I don't think those things could even in principle be enough on their own to account for a loss (I usually get beat by opponents, since lag doesn't cause damage in C:SI), and 2) when you start attributing your losses to things like lag you sort of set yourself up to be closed off from seeing and doing the things you need to see/do to improve.

Of course tech stuff is an issue, and it can potentially cap how good you can be if your comp is too old. But at the same time I really do think its SO marginal when people start fixating on 5 fps here or 100 ping difference there. If I have 25 fps and am dueling someone who has a quad core and dual graphics cards who lives next door to the LL servers and gets 40 FPS, I would never believe I'm at a disadvantage. 25 FPS is more than enough to see all that you need to. I think as low as 20 is more than adequate (and maybe starts becoming an issue when you get more toward 15, and below that it starts to be a much bigger deal).

[ Edited Tue Feb 05 2008, 07:13AM ]
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Sunshine Troglodite
Thu Feb 07 2008, 11:45AM
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Joined: Wed Nov 14 2007, 03:51PM
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How does one change the priority of specific animations? Is it possible to change or is it set at their creation? I want my jump-slashes to look as cool as Aimee's!
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Malachi Rothschild
Thu Feb 07 2008, 03:01PM
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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 07:40PM
Posts: 106
I think that's something set at their creation but I could be mistaken.

A good katana fight is like a good conversation.

It's deeply engaging, reciprocal
and it flows smoothly.

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Karnac Binder
Mon Feb 11 2008, 05:40AM

Registered Member #831
Joined: Mon Jan 28 2008, 01:49PM
Posts: 2
I agree wholeheartedly with Jiao: the look of C:SI really does matter. After all, we could just use scripted half-dozen prim planks as swords, but what a loss that would be when you see the beauty of the CSI weapons. I tend to use a stripped down AO most of the time, which as far as I know does not cover up my anims. I do turn down my graphics to fight, but as long as I can get 25 fps or more I am happy (I seem to recall that (the human eye can't distinguish much difference after about 35 fps anyway).

I don't know how far my 200 ms ping disadvantages me against someone on 70 ms, but frankly since there is nothing I can do about it, why worry? There will always be someone better than me and someone worse (I hope). And to a considerable extent you adapt your style according to your circumstances - that is part of the challenge and satisfaction of CSI.

Fighting with honour and elegance is what does matter to me, and using an appropriate AO, and dressing in an exciting or pleasing way, is part of that. Anyone fixating on fps should try Ctrl ALt Shift 9 for a fight: then tell me that fighting half-dressed baldies with invisible weapons in a featureless desert is satisfying - I'd rather keep eating Tatami personally :-)
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