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C:SI Sim Owners: Improving Region Performance
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Aimee Congrejo
Wed Apr 02 2008, 10:32AM

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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 10:09PM
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Hi Shindo and Moden! LOL

So I *always* have my Statistics bar open when fighting so I can keep an eye on the sim...especially Meiji where I help admin. But I figgered I'd post this for dojos and clans who have their own sim or part of a sim so they can keep an eye on stuffs. xD

This gives an *awesome* overview of the Statistics bar and Estate Tools and how you can use them to keep an eye on performance stuffs. Or like when building up a new sim *grins* you can see what each new script or object does as you drop it.

Second Aimee =^.^= Aimee Congrejo's Videos
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Shindo Otsuka
Wed Apr 02 2008, 11:14AM
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Joined: Sun Jan 27 2008, 07:04PM
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I can't wait till we get our sim too Aimee. Daichi will be sweet! Thanks bunches and I'll relay this info to Moden. I'm sure this will be helpful.
*bites tail* O_O!

Let's have a play date with our swords! >:D

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