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Oda Info
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MoxieWolfox Oxide
Mon Nov 05 2007, 02:10AM
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Joined: Tue Oct 30 2007, 12:01AM
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oookies, Oda still needs its info changed, I'll just post it here, been months and twice asked in SL =P

if it could be updated toooo:

Organization/School name: ODA
Logo: *􀀀*
Master: MoxieWolfox Oxide (Please contact for list of Rules and Application)


The Oda Clan is a NON-ROLEPLAY CSI school with a heavy emphasis on training, self-education, community and charity. Its structure, ethic and spirit will be based *loosely* on actual feudal Japanese clans, while eliminating some of the illiberalism, sexism, and machismo when and where appropriate.

Potential members must have commitment above and beyond sword fighting, including doing their best to follow a relatively strict set of rules (although perfection is not expected).

Oda is not a school for selfish fighters, If you are joining for your own goals then please pass this School. All members are expected after training to return their learning to new members under them and also is a requirement at Buke rank to teach a member to next rank before themselves can make rank of Sensei.


- to provide thorough training in the Combat: Samurai Island system.

- to do our best to maintain the traditions and standards of behavior that have grown out of the C:SI community, loosely based on actual Samurai culture. This includes being welcoming and warm to newer players, maintaining integrity, dignity and honor whether you win or lose, and a general commitment to helping CSI be about more than sword fighting.

- Come have fun and learn, and of course, have fun and meet new friends.


ok thats the tweaked info that would be great to be placed =)
Also to current members of ODA or those who see me, some fail to see the info I send, but I am not actively sparring cause my Video card's RAM has COOKED while I can be in SL if I start activities or put an load or heat up the card my Ram on it fails and my screen becomes a clustered mess of verticals and mesh, I hope by the coming months to be able to purchase a new card and get on training members, until then keep up the active helping of each other and new fighters =) I am still of course available to watch and assist ideas and listen to any questions.

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