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Makkiavelli Toland
Fri Nov 02 2007, 02:31AM
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During some testing of how v1.5 respnds to counterslashing i noticed the following:

whenever i try to explain how counterslashing works (or lets say "should work") i use this setup: I'm facing the guy in a tanking-situation (we are facing each other in a block-stance) and i tell him to slash my block and after that to go immediatly into block again.. When i'm not half asleep i'm able to counterlsash this attack 9 out of 10 times (during my counterslash i see blood, i hear a hit-sound and i'm not stunned.. everything that shows i did a successfull hit). In v1.4.3 almost everytime this counterslash did damage.

When i do this in v1.5 more then half of this successfull looking counterslashes are technically blocked by my opponant (he loses only a bit stamina) but i still see blood, hear the hit-sound and i'm *not* stunned. So basically its a hit that didnt do any damage.

looks like these counterslashes still do damage most of the time. We found out that we were fooled by the new HUD *lol. Anyways. The effect i described above still happens, esp. when the counter comes a bit late and isnt fast enough. But this doesnt happen that often so its not really a big deal.


[ Edited Sat Nov 03 2007, 08:33AM ]
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead
Thu Nov 08 2007, 12:10PM

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Makkiavelli, I would love it if you could test this again when I'm there to watch it, as I have a script that can tell me what's happening in detail. I'm sorry I didn't have time to do this today, but I'll try to make time very soon. Feel free to send me an IM when you see me online and I'll come check it out.

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