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Malachi Rothschild | 31 Mar : 17:59
I'm looking forward to these changes. I think it's a much more viable way to finance you guys so you can all get blinged out like the rappers. I think this day is an auspicious one, that today, being such an important day, was the best, most opportune time to make this announcement. Can I has bling too?

RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 31 Mar : 18:17
Ummmm.... Dude..... My Cursed Spirit just asked for debit permissions?!??!??! Even mine?!???!

Mataku Kohime | 31 Mar : 18:20
what the hell is this shit? this is total BS. i put good faith in u guys when i bought my swords and now ur going to screw us all over? i'm going to get all my friend to boycott ur swords because we will not stand for this this is not funny at all!! u all suck for trying to get us to pay for this wtf i hope you are all happy you have lost customers

RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 31 Mar : 18:23

Colin Kiernan | 31 Mar : 18:33
'Foot', and object owned by 'Colin Kiernan', would like to:

Be put up your ass

Grant this request?
[Grant] [Grant] [Details...]

Colin Kiernan | 31 Mar : 18:35
What the fuck!? I thought this was a joke, but it just took some of my money. You guys are fucking cocksuckers. I hope you rot in hell. Douche cunt fuck bag ass sucker bitch hot pockets!

Esprite Xavier | 31 Mar : 18:35
We're also working on a 1L to 1 health point payment plan!

Mataku Kohime | 31 Mar : 18:39
im glad u all think this is funny but my clan do not we are very unsatisfied and will no longer be using ur swords becuase of this bullshit you should all hate yourselfs for trying to do thisto loayal users assholes

Atrus Westland | 31 Mar : 18:46
Esprite I would really like to hear more about the 1L to 1 HP payment plan, but is it going to have an option for Stamina I mean com'on some of us use stamina too.

Malachi Rothschild | 31 Mar : 18:47
Hey I just noticed that my ring is taking a bigger cut than my hod. Arch, if you're around please get that fixed.

Mataku Kohime | 31 Mar : 18:56
me and our clan have deleted our swords we will nopt put them on so they can steal money we will be speaking with a linden i hope u are all happy

Esprite Xavier | 31 Mar : 18:59
Oh the lindens are getting a cut too, its part of our B.R.I.B.E. program

Malachi Rothschild | 31 Mar : 19:01
Maybe that will help get the kick fixed. xD

Atrus Westland | 31 Mar : 19:03
B.R.I.B.E. I didn't think you had worked out the deals with that yet :O

RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 31 Mar : 19:07
Well... It works like this... Notice in my snapshot that I *used* to have 16,525 Linden Dollars? Now I'm effectively unkillable.

RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 31 Mar : 19:07
But broke :(

RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 31 Mar : 19:10
B.R.I.B.E. = Broke Residents Infuriated By Esprite?

Aimee Congrejo | 31 Mar : 19:11
Yah so like can us premium members donate our spare 512 tier to help pay for the L$ per HP system? XD

RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 31 Mar : 19:14
Oh, that's a great idea, Aimee... If we pooled all of the clan tier, we could set up several more islands.


Kasumi Hashi | 31 Mar : 19:18
In response to the C:SI developers ongoing quest to line their pockets at the expense of the community, I've begun to make my own melee combat system.

Here is a pic of me with the first sword...

So far the system is entirely balanced and completely free <3

RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 31 Mar : 19:19

Colin Kiernan | 31 Mar : 20:02
OMG! I want one, Kasumi!

Shindo Otsuka | 01 Apr : 06:36
...The joys of April fools... XD Youse guys is crazy! lol

JulieAnne Rau | 01 Apr : 07:34
I also heard a rumor, last night, that the sword textures will be deleted on the next version and that basically all swords will look like plywood board. We will basically beat each other to death with these boards in an effort to cut down on the over use of textures. Can any Develops comment on this?


Shindo Otsuka | 02 Apr : 09:44
Now that I think about it. I'm going to get it up the butt! I own ALL the weapons! Nuuuuu! I'm going to be poorerer!

Aimee Congrejo | 02 Apr : 10:25
So where is all the L$ going you guys already collected yesterday? xD

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