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Musashi Legends
Introducing the Musashi Legends Series: Fantasy style weapons with a bit of flare.


I have been wanting to make a variety of weapons for some time now, but my love for the katana has kept me focused on trying to perfect my design skills on making them. Now I feel with the latest release of the Gotokuneko Katana, that I can focus on adding a bit of variety to the weapons we have. I know some people prefer the traditional style of katana when they are fighting, and I understand that, though I think many people would also welcome a bit of variety.

All of these weapons will have more flare in their weapon effects, impact effects and animations. I have included options for toggling the extra effects, such as blade glow, damage number particles, and impact particle effects. This way you can customize your weapon to your own tastes. There are also options for disabling the dashing, double jumping and special attacks, if your one of those who tends to accidently trigger one of these skills in the heat of combat, and prefer to fight without them.

I hope you enjoy them and please drop a notecard to Ayame Musashi in Second LIfe with any problems, suggestions, or requests.
Ayame Musashi on Sunday 07 March 2010 - 01:13:39
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Icon Allen | 20 Feb : 19:32
I have to say this is a very good Idea. Whenever I'm looking for swords and such to be functional with other outfits I'm always wishing that C:SI had other weapons. In all honesty, I've tried the other systems, and C:SI has the BEST animations omg. The best best best best! and this sword goes beautifully with my medieval armor. I would love to see more varied weaponry using your gorgeous system.

Dare I also say would be nice to see some combat sims with other themes using C:SI. Just a thought to support the variance of weapons.
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