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Annual Riches Tournament - Meiji
Tournament Header

The Twilight Clan will be hosting the Riches Tournament this year, with a whopping 12,000L$ in Prizes.

1st $6000L
2nd $3000L
3rd and 4th $1500L

To register, please create a notecard that says "Meiji at Twilight - Your Name" and send them to JulieAnne Rau with the following information.

Include your name, your Clan, and your preferred weapon.

This tournament will be organised in a ladder tournament fashion. We will be accepting 32 registrations. The following are the required guidelines that must be met in order for you to be granted entrance into the tournament.

1.  You must belong to a Clan.
2.  You must have over 500 kills in Meiji
3.  You can use any weapon you like that is available to anyone.  Therefore the Wave will be excluded. (Sorry)
4.  All tournament spars must take place in Meiji

The 32 players will be paired off (1 vs 1) and will be given 3 days to complete a best of 3 spars and report the winner to JulieAnne Rau.  If a judge/observer is required, JulieAnne can provide a list of approved members.  They are all Meiji officers. We are not limiting prims or AO but before the match takes place make sure you have agreed to spar with how you appear.  If you disagree, get a representative to arbitrate (Meiji Officer), the guidelines are very simple (be respectful, if someone thinks your wearing too many prims, take them off).  My expectation is that everyone will be reasonable.

JulieAnne will make a notecard with the pairing as soon as she has 32 fighters. She will contact people individually if they are accepted and who there first round will be.  When She contacts you, you will be given a date and time that the match must be completed by.  The matched pair (1 vs 1) will decide when to spar. Winner moves on to the next round and loser is eliminated from the tournament.
Haruko Fukai on Thursday 21 January 2010 - 03:12:59
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Haruko Fukai | 21 Jan : 17:05
Oops. I forgot to post the prizes info the first time around. It's fixed now, sorry!
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