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In Regards to "C:SI 2"
Recently there has been some misunderstanding due to a notecard proposing topics of community developer discussions.  The C:SI devs would like to make it clear that those subjects were speculartory. We do not have any plans to create a brand new system (i.e. a C:SI 2). Infact we're moving forward with plans to improve the way we handle updates and the structure of  our scripting so that we can more quickly make changes and create and maintain new weapons.  Soon we will begin moving forward and hope to make up for the lack of updates we've had over the last year. We are renewed and excited about the possiblites for C:SI and hope to bring to light many of our existing works in progress, once they are fully underway. Thank you for sticking with us all this time. We appreciate everyone who helps renew and refresh the C:SI Clan community, createing new friendships, partnerships, and inspiring new spirit into the C:SI Community. These are all things we are quite happy to see and are always wishing our community happiness and continued enjoyment playing within the system we created.

Also as a side note: In order to prevent misunderstanding, such as the one mentioned above, we would like to make it clear that statements reguarding involvement in activities by the C:SI developers will come via the website and official channels only. If you have a community event, feel free to send a notecard describing the event to Haruko Fukai and we will make an effort to mention them on the website.
Haruko Fukai on Monday 18 January 2010 - 01:29:07
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