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Daikon Forge vendors deleted in-world
The all-mighty Ban Hammer, wielded by Linden Lab for spiteAs many of you are already aware, RobbyRacoon Olmstead was recently banned from Second Life. On September 10, shortly after logging in for about 30 minutes to verify and report that Ugur Tunwarm was selling copybotted copies of the Wave Katana in one of his outfits, Robby received an email from Linden Lab that his account was banned.

This came as a complete surprise, and still remains a mystery with no answers: No reason was given for this ban beyond a vague "violation of ToS" description no doubt used for many generic situations. In all subsequent communications with Linden by phone as well as support ticket, and by friends in-world, Linden Lab has flat refused to say why Robby was banned. There is no indication when, or if, Linden Lab will remove this ban.

Because of this mysterious action by Linden Lab, all of the Daikon Forge vendors in-world have been deleted. Without the ability to respond to support issues such as the all-too-common Asset Server glitches and other SL sketchiness, it would not be fair to prospective customers to leave the vendors out. When and if Robby's account is unbanned, he will again put out the Daikon Forge vendors.

Thank you all for your support and understanding, it is much appreciated.
RobbyRacoon Olmstead on Sunday 13 September 2009 - 08:26:24
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