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The End of Another Year!
Thanks from all of us at C:SI. We hope you've all had a great holiday!
We've reached a couple milestones this year, breaking over 2 million duels fought by over 20,000 avatars!
It has been pretty amazing to see the community grow so much and it's something we're all proud of haven been apart of.

After a particularly brutal semester Arch and I are ready to get back to work on C:SI. Though things have slowed down in the last few months, we're due for a new update to address some bugs (and switch to mono) before moving on to the new stuff!

Also, I'd like to thank Robby for letting people know some of us were still alive and Ayame for her dedication to work in SL and C:SI. (check out her sim "Musashi"). Special thanks to everyone who has been supporting Combat:Samurai Island and it's community!

Hope you've all had fun with us this year, we look forward to the next!

PS: Having a sushi chef as a family friend is awesome.
Esprite Xavier on Thursday 25 December 2008 - 22:43:10
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