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Mono server issue causing problems with C:SI weapons
We've identified an issue with Linden Lab's most recent Mono server rollout, which appears to be causing unacceptable delays when changing from block to attack or back.

Linden Lab is aware of the issue, but I would like to ask that anyone who is currently experiencing problems with very large delays while using a C:SI weapon to please take the time to go to the Second Life Jira bug tracker and vote for issue SVC-2958. Please note that you are required to sign in to the Jira system using your Second Life account in order to vote.

The more of us that go and vote for the issue, the better chance we have of bringing it to the attention of a Linden developer who can help to resolve the issue.

Archanox is currently working on refactoring the C:SI scripts to work in Mono, which we think will provide a lot of benefits not only to us as developers, but also to users as well as owners of popular C:SI regions. This is a long-term plan, however, and is not a substitute or fix for the issue mentioned above.

Please go vote on the issue mentioned above. The more noise we make the better!

Update: Thanks to everyone who voted for this! This issue quickly ascended the jira list in a few days! It was quickly nailed by the Lindens and the fix is in the 1.24.4 Server being rolled out now. Once again, we appreciate everyone's support! -Esprite[
RobbyRacoon Olmstead on Saturday 30 August 2008 - 19:41:47
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