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Happy Birthday Arch and C:SI!
Hey Everyone,

Wanted to do something fun today but was on a 14 hour flight so I'm just gonna crash after writing this. :P

First off it's Archy's Birthday (yesterday was his rezday as well 5 years in SL....old fart!)
So feel free to bug him with Happy Birthday IM!

Happy Birthday Arch!

Next is also an important day for C:SI because its been 2 years since we first released the first set of swords for sale. We've grown quite abit since then, with over 17,000 unique avatars giving a go with a sharp pointy object. More amazing is recording over 1.6 million duels across the grid since we first began testing of the tracking over a year ago.

Also those of you who visit Samurai Island will notice its undergoing some construction work at the moment and the entire sim has pretty much been cleared. KatanaBlade Anubis is officially remodeling the sim atm and has already begun great work redoing the main C:SI store. She's pretty quick when it comes to remodeling the sims so I don't expect it will be that long. (and they always manage to look better than ever.)

Well its been a great 2 years or so and I really look forward to what's going to be introduced in the future. We all appreciate the support from the community and hope you all continue to support us as we work on C:SI!

Esprite Xavier on Wednesday 21 May 2008 - 20:00:07
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 21 May : 22:52
WOOT! Happy Birthday Archanox!!!

5 years.... In SL terms, that's freakin' old :)

I just got the notice from KatanaBlade that I can put my stuff back out in the Samurai Island store; that's a darn quick turnaround for sure.
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RobbyRacoon Olmstead | 21 May : 22:53

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Atrus Westland | 22 May : 14:56
Its only the main store the rest of it hasn't gone up yet. But its still spiffy.

And happy birthday to the old guy :O
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