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Proposed change to SL viewer would break C:SI dash

Update by Esprite: Just tested this in the new viewer, luckily it doesn't break dash but as Robby mentioned it might be confusing to new people. Basically how this works is , you hold down the direction key when you press it the second time and run in that direction. If you let go you walk again. If you have Ctrl-R run toggled on, the double tab doesn't do anything. Give it a test and give your feed back to the JIRA post.


According to the sldev newsletter, Linden Lab wants to implement a new "feature" in the next version of the Second Life viewer that could potentially break the ability to dash or use a few (some as yet unreleasred) combat attacks :
DEV-4706 - Make running more intuitive by double-tapping forward

Essentially, they propose making it necessary to double-tap the forward key in order to run, rather than using CTRL-R. Double-tapping movement keys is, not coincidentally, used by C:SI and many other products to help make up for the fact that scripts have access to such a limited number of controls.

There is a JIRA issue (VWR-6232) for petitioning Linden Lab to not implement this feature.

Please take a few minutes to go vote in support of this petition, and help us get the word out about this critical issue : If this "feature" gets implemented, there will be a great many other products that are broken, such as teledash-style dashing devices, some flight assist products, and more.
RobbyRacoon Olmstead on Wednesday 09 April 2008 - 18:59:17
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Malachi Rothschild | 10 Apr : 06:50
I just tested out the new RC and the dash works fine when either running or walking with my ring katana. The taketori dash doesn't work quite as well but I never tried it on the other viewer. All of the blood drinker movement seems fine too. I'm actually liking this new double-tap run, not for C:SI but in general.
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