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The Final Stand 3v3 Clan Tournament – Round 2
You’re invited to join us as the remaining four teams compete in Round 2 of The Final Stand 3v3 Clan Tournament for the winner-takes-all cash prize of 10,500L. We’re looking forward to some exciting matches.

We’d once again like to thank:

The C:SI devs for increasing the cash prize from its original 2500L and for all of the hard work they’ve put into creating this amazing combat system.

Bare@Rose for donating 3 men’s and women’s outfits for the winning team. We know that many members of the C:SI community enjoy their clothing and are honored to have them sponsoring our tournament.

Everyone from The Final Stand and other C:SI clans who’ve helped to make this tournament happen.

When: Saturday 3/15 and Sunday 3/16 at 3pm.
Where: Samurai Edo behind the arena.

Note to spectators: Please remove all gadgets (including weapons) and any high prim accessories before you TP into Edo.

-The Final Stand

Esprite Xavier on Wednesday 12 March 2008 - 23:04:07
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