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Clan information needs updating! Please send your clan key.
Hi Everyone! This message is especially for those our current clan leaders.

Basically we're beginning to go into higher level database clan associated management tools. However we need something from all the clan leaders!
That thing is your clan ID. Its like the key of your clan.

Where do you get this? Well the easy way is to use the new search it just lists the link at the bottom that has your clan ID in it.

Please note I need this if you wish the remain an active clan.
Someone needs to send it to me, anyone can. (The reason I'm not looking it up is because some of the clans have switched the particulars of their group name or something, so us just checking it out causes mistakes..)

Also I'm requesting that active C:SI clans have their members listed when viewed in search(no, I don't need a list of your members in the notecard btw for those confused.). Robby has already made an blog entry on the how and why!

Please send a notecard with the key/link to Esprite Xavier!

Esprite Xavier on Tuesday 05 February 2008 - 22:27:02
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