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Havok 4 Testing in Edo - Edit w/ bug fix
Edit: Whoops spoke too soon, Arch found a bug in the email for the registration. (It was converting characters to symbols for some reason for some peoples emails!)

From Arch " An issue that was causing registration to fail for some people has been taken care of. It seems some email clients/browsers were converting part of the registration link into a symbol, fancy that :P Anyway, if you've tried to register before and it failed, it should now work properly. Sorry about that, have a great day ^^"


Hello Everyone,
Today I logged in to find that Samurai Edo has been converted over to Havok4, for the early adopter program.
It's important that everyone lets Linden Lab know about bugs you see in the new physics engine, because if no one reports it, usually bugs go unnoticed! C:SI users after all are probably some of the most experienced at maneuvering their avatars to the limits of the original physics engine with high accuracy, as someone put it "I never have had so many people wanting to jump on my head before!". I'm sure many of you have already been testing with Havok 4 already have experienced strange bugs and quirks with the new physics engine. The nice part though is that it is a significant performance booster, so once its tweaked properly it will mean physics related lag will be noticeably noticed (its noticeable now!)

From Linden Lab's blog on Havok4 Early Adopter Program
How Do I Report A Problem?

To submit a Havok4 bug:
1) Log in to the Link page with your Second Life avatar name and password.
2) Click “Create New Issue”
3) Set PROJECT to “2 Second Life Service - SVC” and ISSUE TYPE to “Bug”
4) On the next page, type step-by-step instructions for how to create the problem, and if specific products are involved include the product vendor name and specific product name and version.
5) VERY IMPORTANT: Please set COMPONENTS = “Physics” and AFFECTS VERSIONS = “Havok4 Beta”. If you do not choose these settings, the Havok4 team may not see your bug report for a while!

For a demo of the jira public issue tracker, see Torley’s great video “how to report a bug“. Again, please be sure to set COMPONENTS = “Physics” and AFFECTS VERSIONS = “Havok4 Beta”!

Thanks Everyone!

(btw, so far no bad remarks about the new Edo access system, but be sure to let me know if something is wrong with it!)

Esprite Xavier on Wednesday 30 January 2008 - 14:19:42
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