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New Access Tests in Samurai Edo.
Hello Everyone,

So today we implemented the testing of new access scripts for Samurai Edo. As well as did alittle cleaning.

So how does it all work? Basically if you unverified instead of having to go through a clan and joining Samurai Island Warriors you can now enter Samurai Edo as long as you have done the registration process (which is pretty easy) found on the C:SI HUD. So either have payment info filed or register via the HUD to get access! Please note without being registered or having payment info you will be sent home and banned from the area for 1 hour. (there is a warning.)

Why are we now doing this?

-Well originally when we first got Edo we kept it payment info only....but,it was clear this was a problem, especially for international users. So in order to both increase interest in joining clans (which were kinda so-so on how active they were) and have some kinda filtering we gave the clan leaders the ability to let people in the group to circumvent the restriction. However, as our community has grown... having the clans micromanage this access, as well as this being the motivation for someone to join a clan has become a burden on the clans. Clans are more than capable of staying active just out of their own activities and interest drawn from that.

Please note we are still testing this system and it is officially in beta, so if you see any problems or have suggestions leave me an IM!
Esprite Xavier on Monday 28 January 2008 - 02:32:22
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