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Finally! Ashes Ninjaken v1.0 Released
After a very long period of time I have finally released an upgrade of the tou as the Ashes Ninjaken (yeah I'm extremely creative when naming things...)
Anyways it has new animation set that holds the sword reversed and it feels alot quicker.

It's faster but has reduced damage! Also the special attack is a passive one that is called Berserker, I'll let you figure out what it does. :)

Oh if you previously owned a Ninja-tou the upgrade package will allow you to move up to the C:SI compatible Ninjaken for 200l. It's optional though so if you don't want it just ignore the updates. Just wear the Ninja-tou to get the upgrade package and follow its instructions.
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Esprite Xavier on Tuesday 18 December 2007 - 21:23:50
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