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End of Semester Crazyness.
Well there has been a lack of news on here.

Arch and I have been going crazy with end of the semester projects so haven't had much time to log in SL or make new posts.
Thankfully we only have a few weeks left, but that means its time to study for finals...

Anyways included a horrible sketch I did during a lecture. Looking forward to things picking up again after the end of classes for the year.
Quite of few things everyone wants to work on! Well back to the grind. Hope you all are enjoying the holidays.

Next semester will be in a digital media class that might give me access to a mocap system *crosses fingers*. Which would help quite abit in making new animations.
Looking forward to it anyways.

Oh yeah!
Robby has the scoop on a tournament going on in the Tokugawa sims, you can get more details from his blog.
Esprite Xavier on Monday 03 December 2007 - 02:57:08
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